1:53 PM Thursday, January 13, 2005

I was updating my mountaineering blog when the blogger virus/glitch hit me again and made me lose my template as i was publishing. Good thing I'm not so busy at work, so I was able to look for the same template at Blogskins and pretty much recovered the look I wanted.

What's more, I started another blog... I've been real envious of photoblogs i've been checking out, because some pictures can really speak volumes and stand on their own... so... welcome Caught in my Eye....

I got the Eye eklat from Eye, of course... and I came up with the name because I do not hope to tantalize viewers with my photographic skills, but rather, share pictures of me and pictures taken by me which I feel are full of LIFE, LOVE and MIRTH.

If I ever shoot great pics like the ones in other photoblogs, so be it.

And yes, i'd still post pics here and on my mountaineering blog.


I'm sleepy but sinfully happy as i've been feeling lots better... hopefully, I can make it to the activities/gimmicks I have lined up for this weekend.


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