pasay road scandal

10:44 AM Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A white car (sorry, i don't know the make) with two people in it was about to leave the car park. Driving it is a 30-something Fil-Chi guy, and beside him, a woman who was also in her 30's.

Suddenly, a red (or green?) CRV was hindering their exit, and an Arabian-looking guy, complete with dark olive skin and bushy beard, came out and started yelling at the driver of the white car.

"You jerk, give me back my wife. Laura, get off that car this very minute."

The couple in the white car was stunned... for who knew how many seconds.

Then the white-car driver recovered his senses and started shouting back.

"You fool. She doesn't love you anymore. I'm the one she loves and she's staying with me."

The lady in the passenger seat can now be seen trying to hide under her face with her handbag... but the men continued shouting expletives and claiming her. Death threats were even being exchanged now.

The white car-driver swerved and squeezed and maneuvered his car out of the carpark, where carpark attendants were left staring after them... stupefied.

The CRV followed suit... both cars driving away in a fury.


Laura, of course, is my widowed friend.

The man in the CRV is our friend Mark... and the man driving her away was Alvin.

Yes, we're all friends.

Yes, they were just playing with Laura.

Yes, it was perverted humor.

Yes, the men intend to forever role-play and embarass my friend in public.

Yes, Laura has vowed to not have lunch or dinner with them for months.


They actually just had lunch together. Mark said he'd bring Laura back to her office, and got worried when he lost Laura. He actually called Alvin and asked if he was with Laura, and asked Laura to leave Alvin and ride with him instead.

Listening to them talk about it... listening to Laura complain... and then thank heavens that it did not happen in a place where she's more known (lest colleagues or clients overhear and say to themselves... THAT CHICK, SHE'S SUCH A SL*T.. TSK TSK)... I still couldn't help but smile to myself...

And wonder at how great it is that our friends are rallying around her, taking care of her, supporting her, even babying her...

Of course, she's such a great person to command the attention...

But i love the love we share and the friendship that we have in this group that was mainly forged within an adult message board.

Alcos really protect their own... :) And yes, we do it in perverted ways... but the heart of the matter is... we love our own.


It's still actually funny for me, but since my friend recently lost her high school friend from that Sykes shooting... in seemingly the same scenario... I guess I can't ask people to share the same sick humor...


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