the more Bvlgari she wore...

9:26 AM Monday, January 17, 2005

... the more insuferable she became.


Got this from an e-mail.

Gretchen Baretto has made it a habit to go to The Spa in RCBC Building, and would insist on boarding the elevator with only her four bodyguards.

One time, as all five of them were inside, an older lady also boarded the lift.

Gretchen told her bodyguard, "Bodyguard, will you please tell this old woman to step off the elevator?"

The 'old lady' replied, "Bodyguard, kindly tell this social climber to get out of my building..."

Turned out, the old lady was Yuchengco's daughter, and she's banned Gretch from the building.


And I seriously doubt that it isn't true... because this really beautiful actress has never been known to possess a beautiful heart.


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