grey's anatomy addict

11:19 PM Sunday, May 21, 2006


Having DSL at home didn't help. I've been sleeping at past 3 am for the past 4 days already just watching Grey's episodes. I think we've already finished downloading Season 1 (9 episodes) and Season 2 (27 episodes) and are about to watch Episode 14 of Season 2 already.

I just love Izzie (Katherine Heigl), even her judgmental ways. I don't care for Meredith and George and Alex and Derek much. Cristina is cool... but I think Burke is wasted on her. And I absolutely love the guest stars who serve as patients (the former dumb redhead at Just the 10 of Us, Shirley Maclaine i think... and many more) and the side stories. I don't know if ER had funny moments like Grey's... and Scrubs is more comedic than drama.

Sigh. I need sleep tonight. But I need my fix too. At least 3 episodes a day till we finish it... and yes, I still catch it at Star World every Wednesday. And yes, I missed my CSI Sunday tonight (well, I went on a cleaning frenzy).


By the way, today was the last day of my Photography Class. I learned much but I have to practice much more... and master the use of any light available... and also practice dealing with strangers and street people. I mean, kids were getting me wet at Mandaluyong City Hall when I was photographing them while they were bathing at the fountains (expressly forbidden). They kept shoving each other (gawsh, Pinoys are real camera whores!) and swamping me with eager faces to check the pics i've taken (see, even the poor have a concept of how digicams work).

Here are my ATTEMPTS. Yes, I finally figured out how to take macro shots. :)


Pyro needs prayers, friends, so please try and remember him when you say yours... he had a great time when we visited him last night.


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