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10:08 AM Friday, May 26, 2006

I think, women who were stupid enough to get knocked up (and yes, I blame the woman for not being more responsible with her body... men who don't do you, or love you, because you don't want to take pills and insist on them using condoms, are jerks... but you're the bigger fool for sleeping with them anyway) out of wedlock don't have any right at all to expect whoever the father of their child marries to support their child.

The (biological) mother and father both have an obligation to provide for their child... but their spouses should be allowed some choice.

And I wish my niece's mother will stop harassing my cousin for support... because I think it's more wrong for my cousin's wife to support his child with another woman when she alone supports their 3 kids.


Of all the things a friend would settle for... it's a child with a man who's still married. I don't care how crazy they say the wife IS, he's still married. I don't care if he says he doesn't love the wife anymore, he's still married.

Or maybe am just one of those who feel that love should generally come with the reward of marriage.


Someone I know is marrying a guy who has been married before, and has two kids by his first wife. He wants to send his kids to the best schools, but he is without savings. He couldn't even pay for the annulment of his marriage (his new gf did it) nor for his second wedding (his gf again is doing it, and justifies that with the fact that she's earning more). And I cannot help but wonder about the kind of love that moves the girl.

Honestly, I am awed by people (mostly women) who go ahead and marry someone with baggages like that. And yes, I cannot help but acknowledge that it's probably love. For why would a sane, independent, intelligent, beautiful woman (person) want to deal with another woman your man has a history with, or kids from a previous marriage/relationship who has every right to part of what your man will make, as well as his time and person... compromising your plans and decisions for your own relationship and your future family with this man?

And I think I don't feel sad or confused at all by those I meet who are really in such a relationship because of LOVE. I think i'm sad for those women who are at the prime of their life... settling for mistress status and meantime relationships... using their novelty and youth to keep a man... being reckless and having babies with no clear grasp of what it will do to their kids...


I have 5 cousins who are wondering if, when their father dies, they'd be welcomed to weep with their half-brothers and sisters by their father's coffin...

It's their right... yes... and then there's that fact that his other kids deserved more consideration and love (and such is seldom equated with siblings from another woman, and your own Mother forever grieving your Father's betrayal).


Finished Grey's Anatomy last night. Meredith is a fool. Derek is cruel. Addison should realize soon that she deserves better... and sometimes, we have to roll away a little from where we stumbled before standing up.

Sometimes, fighting for what you think is RIGHT can deprive you of other RIGHT and GOOd things.


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