not the walk down the aisle

5:48 PM Thursday, May 04, 2006

... she envisioned.

Remember my colleague who lost her husband last Easter?

She's returned to work, knowing that she needs to occupy her mind with other things aside from her loss, knowing that she has a son to be responsible for... a son who just turned four last weekend.

While having merienda, she turned to me and said, "Mec, remember how we'd talk about weddings?" (they were only civilly wed almost 5 years ago, and haven't bothered to buy wedding rings, and I have been convincing her to have a Church wedding for their 5th anniversary)

I bit my lip and nodded (heck, we even talked about where she can deliver her second child after they've moved to their new home).

She went on, "My siblings arranged for a full Mass before Mike's internment. The church was this old, beautiful one with a long aisle. I waited for Mike's coffin by the Church door... and I marched with him to the altar. I had requested for our theme song to be played when Mike is being brought in, and so I was just walking slowly beside his coffin to our theme song. And all I could think of was the wedding we kept talking about."


Every moment counts. And we should make each moment count. And Life just doesn't play favorites...


may mga pusong sinungaling


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