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10:44 AM Monday, March 09, 2009

I was in the middle of a breastfeeding training when I started receiving messages about Francis M.'s death. In a weird way, I felt like everyone was trying to inform me... but I guess it's just another testament to who Francis M. is to the Filipino people: an icon, an era. And now he is no more.

At age 44, he is too young to die.

But at age 44, he has already accomplished much.

He is no more but his art lives on, his music lives on, his inspiration lives on. So I guess you could say, at age 44, he has served his purpose and done it well.


We just buried my maternal grandmother. Everyone went back to our house to eat and my cousins and I thought nothing of holing ourselves up in our bedroom to play "Mga Kababayan Ko" over and over (loudly) and dance to it too.

We were reprimanded by offended elders.

But it was 1990 and we were teens. Even now, I know, i'd do it again. After all, my impression that his music was cool and inspiring had nothing to do with my love for and sadness over my grandma.


I have always felt sad that Francis M. stopped composing and singing. It's like, he was coming up with so many great albums and then suddenly, a switch was turned off. He remained visible (and i'd later find out, he continued being up to a lot of things) but there were no more original, inspiring songs.

Anyway, my all-time fave Francis M. song would be COLD SUMMER NIGHTS. It may sound cheesy but really, who does not have that song memorized?! And I never dedicated that song to someone... but i've just really always liked it. Yes, mostly because it's a heartbreak song.

My next fave song is MGA PRANING, which I think is a really scary, really realistic, really sad song. And I think it's the coolest of all his songs.

But I guess KALEIDOSCOPE WORLD will always be thought by the collective as his ultimate legacy to the music world.


I think, the best thing that could be said of Francis M. is that he was a family man. He has always seemed to be a loving husband and father. Their closeness has always come across as genuine... and i've always adored him for enjoying fatherhood. His kids were truly blessed and I really hope they will make their late father proud by living happy, purposeful lives.


  1. Sabi ko nga eh, those of us who were young in the 90s have our own memories of FrancisM and his music.

    I was fascinated by his big family too, and it's nice to see how well they seem to have been raised. Sana nga they continue with his legacy.


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