Poor Friendster

11:31 PM Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One of the problems in this day and age is that... technology is a fickle thing. What was a hit a year ago will be forgotten soon enough. And since I never got addicted to Friendster (I prefer Multiply) and now associate it with the pervs and sex workers of the KTV channel, I haven't logged into my account for almost a year.

But I logged in there just now, looking for my HS bestfriend who seems to have been leaving me messages there all this time. And yet we are both on Facebook! Couldn't find her though because she's using her married name only.

Anyway, hopefully we can reconnect and build on a friendship again. I miss having friends from way back. I miss hanging out with friends from a time I can only dream of now, and remember with fondness.


  1. *waves* just dropping by :)

    I joined Friendster when I visited my friend in the Philippines 'cuz everyone had them and it was a great way to keep in touch.

    That's a shame that it's now associated with pervs and the like. Funny though 'cuz I deleted my account right after. It wasn't really that fun. LOL.


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