Reasons People Cheat

12:30 AM Friday, March 27, 2009

While browsing Pex forums, I noticed a thread on "Nine Reasons People Cheat". Instead of clicking on it, I wondered if I could come up with my own list. Not sure how many i'll come up with though.

1) They don't morally feel they are obligated to be faithful.

2) They are insecure and need validation from others.

3) They believe they are entitled, especially if they're doing some things magnificently.

4) They are bored and turn to others to be entertained.

5) They are angry with their significant other.

6) They are lonely.

7) They are empowered to do so.

8) They are confused on what they truly believe or want.

9) They are being self-destructive.

10) They like the thrill.

11) They believe love should be romantic and passionate.

12) They, or their partner, has changed.

13) They're sick.

Weirdly enough, although each one I've mentioned may make someone understand the why and how of a cheat, I don't think there really is any reason that can excuse infidelity.

And notice, I didn't include libido in the list of reasons? :)


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