10:32 AM Monday, May 31, 2004

If anyone, bound for Manila from Batangas at around 4 pm, took the Star Tollway yesterday... and noticed this white Revo packed with crazy women at the back and two crazy guys beside the driver... let me just say I was among them.

More clues? If anyone saw these girls and a Leandro Muñoz-looking, shaved-head guy running around taking pictures of themselves beside arrow signs and other drivers... yes, that was us.

It was unfortunate that we had to head back to the city just when the processions for the Flores de Mayo has begun in all parts of Sto. Tomas, Tanauan and Malvar... causing a traffic jam that resulted to additional 2-3 hours more of travel time, hunger and long lines at gas station CRs (yes, had we not taken the Star Tollway route, we might have been on the road for a longer time).

But alas... when Filipinos get bored, they make other people laugh. I got this crazy idea of going out of the car to take pics of my friends beside this cargo of a light, collapsible plane. I needed to stretch my legs and we've started waving, smiling, taking pics of other travellers from other cars already, anyway. At first, my friends were not too excited about the idea. But when we saw this bunch of people go out of their car to simultaneously wipe the car clean... it was laugh trip for some two hours after!

A girl on the other side of the highway was exchanging phone numbers with a guy from our lane... both looking at each other from guardrails, looking like suicidal, texting freaks. We "yuhoooooo'd" them like loonies.

We did make a run for the vehicle with the plane on it. And yes, we also posed beside road signs.

We were acting like hooligans and loving it. Dodging cars, waving to people, winking at guys and girls. Drivers started honking at us to take pics with them. Another carload of people started videotaping us too. And we just kept laughing and laughing and laughing.

And then, all of us girls started feeling the need to pee... which greatly quieted us down to the point of not even being in the mood to smile at the guys who were videotaping us when we ran into them at this convenience store at this gas station.

After that, we all slept and the traffic eased up a bit.

But yes, it was a great, great time! I hope I always come up with antics like that... and it made me realize what i've been missing, being away from mountaineering for so long.


The venue for our beachineering was some 20 minutes of walking on the beach. My friend and I managed to not get past the jump-off point of Brgy, Hugom only to reach another barrio... some 30-45 minutes away.

Alas, I am now afflicted with really dark skin and blistered feet.

Still, serendipity gave us a glimpse of this resort there... Virgin resort... with cottages so refreshingly appealing... I just know am going back there.

And with the cottage to be had for only P1,600 overnight, it's a steal actually. Plus, laiya waters is still clean and blue. A cheaper option to P. Galera even since the cottage I mentioned can take in some 10 people.

A bigger cottage could be had for P3,500 and can house more people. It's equally charming too. But since we were too exhausted from the sun that time and were already lost, there were no pics taken.


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