2:45 PM Tuesday, August 10, 2004

January last year, I predicted that I'd be finally walking down the aisle December of this year. Alas, it seems I have more than a year to wait. Still, with friends left and right getting married (this is Libet's wedding cake, and no it's not dalandan, pandan or avocado-flavored... it's walnut something and green is her fave color), I really sometimes cannot help but think how my own would be like.

Of course, it's going to be a big one, what with my family and friends alone reaching over a hundred, tho not necessarily a grand one. Still, I hope God will bless me with the grace to not put myself heavily in debt just so I can have my dream wedding. I just really feel it's a bad way to start your marriage life, paying off loans and credit card bills because you just HAD to have this specific cake, or so many butterflies, or so many meal courses, etc.

Another prediction/goal I set in that January blogpost last year is that my passport will finally get a stamp. I even hoped for Malaysia, but alas, it was Hongkong. I still have to buy myself a little black dress tho, and upgrade my mountaineering gear... but it's nice that somehow, i'm moving forward.

(i think am really bored and need to like, hang out and just talk with someone... for hours... sigh... what other senseless post will i be coming up with next!?! am listening to hiphop/rnb songs and just rocking my head back and forth here, am really going crazy, lolz)


This is Andrea Santiago, our neighbor. She was playing with Pyro one time and unbeknownst to me, followed me when I was going up to my room. She fell off the stairs at the first step but managed to hit my pc's cpu. Of course, she cried a hell lot. My cpu, on the other hand, received such a blow that my video card got dislocated which required my pc to be opened and all sorts pa.

And since Pyro is already very interested in smashing my keyboard (not just clicking on the keys, he has to hear it drop on the floor), I wonder how much he's going to torture my pc, in time.

menace to households... tsk tsk..


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