8:13 AM Monday, August 09, 2004

Watched the dvd given to me of LOST IN TRANSLATION. Yes, Jay, I really hope I will never find myself in her position... then again, I was never good at Philosophy back in college... :)

Still, i'd love to be treated with as much respect by a stranger...


Also watched ELLA ENCHANTED. Not only was I greatly entertained (we watched it twice at home), but Anne Hathaway was not only beautiful, she was also very expressive.

And, surprisingly enough, the movie was based on a book. Hopefully, i'd get my hands on a copy.


Weekend was a quiet one for me, started re-reading Harry Potter from Book 1 (am now in the middle of Book 4), allowed my nephew to play with my collection of underwear (why he had this fascination for a maroon bra, I shall never know) and throw away everything in my bag, ate lotsa milk (yes, ate... as in powdered milk and sugar in a cup and eaten using a teaspoon... a habit i haven't really outgrown from childhood) and skittles and chewing gum... and generally behaved like the sloth that I am.

And so, of course, I'm not very happy that it's Monday.


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