9:38 AM Tuesday, August 24, 2004


> That my Economics professor in high school had a face shaped like a parrot's? (or maybe I just really hated him)
> And that my jaws are complaining everyday because i've developed the habit of chewing gum... and can consume up to 20 pellets of Orbit now?
> That I didn't like white chocolate before, even felt offended by the concept, until a bf thought I liked it and kept buying some for me until I no longer appreciate the good, old-fashioned milk chocolate kind?
> That I so adore my nephew (who can now babble TAXI the whole day), it sometimes hurts?
> That I love to eat so much, donations of Violet/Berry Skittles, Lays (Sour Cream and Onion), Choco Caramel Cake, Potato Almond Krunch, Brazo de Mercedes, Mocha Cake, Coffee Crumble Ice Cream, Planters Cashews, White Chocolates (DovE WhiTe, CadBuRy DReam, White tObLeRone, SnowFlakEs WhiTe, WhiTe MaltEserS, CadBuRy DreAm EgGs, LeoNida's WhiTe PraliNes), Fresh Oysters, Crabs and Shrimps in chili sauce, Tuna Sashimi, Thailand's spicy tamarind, Minty Oreo Cookies... will be more than welcome?
> That I've been using vanilla-scented perfumes/colgnes/body wash since 2000 and still really love the sweet, mild smell?
> That my allergies always seem to cease and desist when am eating or having sex?
> That i've been celibate for some 2 months already?
> That ever since I became aware of sex, i've vowed to myself that I won't get married a virgin? Especially since I didn't ever want a guy to put more worth in a supposed innocence rather than my other wonderful traits (altho i can't think of one right now)?
> And that one of the worst horrors/punishments I can think of, is having bad sex with an awkward, smelly partner for the rest of your life?
> And so, I sort of aimed to test drive every partner I feel I really care about, but ended up preserving several boyrfriends' virginity?
> That being driven to tears during lovemaking, not because you got hurt, but because the sex was so cataclysmically beautiful, is one of the best experiences of my life?
> That one of my more horrible self-destructive experiences was allowing a guy to masturbate beside me (while making these weird gasping noises) inside a movie theater, because I really wanted to go home already but didn't quite have the facility to just walk out on him, and neither did I want to go to a motel with him, and I was just struck dumb, I couldn't really think straight? (goes to show that dating after a break-up wasn't for me)
> That the abovementioned experience can only be topped with this one time that I actually let a guy I just met in a bar to bring me home, who of course parked in front of this haunted building in CCP and scared me enough to make me agree to kiss him? And that he was such a sloppy kisser I almost drowned? And that he made me forever hate wet kissers? And he's the same guy who told me that if only he could reach his own d!ck, then he'd give himself a BJ and not ask some from girls anymore?
> That one time I tried dating again, the guy managed to slam close a taxi door on my foot? And that all these experiences made me conclude that unless am half in-love with the guy already, dating is generally a hassle?
> That I don't really enjoy 69 because the guy either stops performing out of pleasure I give him, or he doesn't fully appreciate the pleasure I was giving him because he was performing? And vice versa.
> 97% of my nudie/naughty pics were taken using my digicam's timer, when am alone in a room somewhere... and not during nookie breaks with a guy?
> That most guys I know think of me first whenever they hear mention of vanilla, mocha cake and white chocolate?
> That I am multiple orgasmic?
> That I am crazily in love with the shape of my boobs, and very proud of how pert my nips are?
> That I am so terribly bored and have nothing to do here at work, and fed up researching one economic crisis news after another?


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