10:01 AM Friday, August 27, 2004


Last Wednesday night, my nephew was able to climb our stairs, all by himself, amidst the applause and cheers, bated breaths, alert hands and not-so-silent prayer of the whole household.

Of course, the pride we all felt after this magnificent feat... was priceless.

Last night, he contented himself with just playing under an umbrella (very much in his element because, for 2 days in a row due to heavy rains and flooding, the house was packed with people to attend to his needs).


Mom told us that Pyro never smelled like a baby really should because he was never breastfed. As much as I love the little tyke, he never really had that sweet scent i've always associated with babies (not that Pigeon baby shampoo, or the new Johnson & Johnson's Bedtime bath don't do wonders).

And seriously, I don't know what it is with baby's milk nowadays... I mean, I used to change my cousins' diapers before (one of them is the 18-year old currently living with us) and they were on formula too, but i remember their nappies smelling too butter-y at worst.

Now, we have to deal with yucky greenish-blackish waste... and he's not even eating much of solid food yet!


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