9:14 AM Monday, August 23, 2004

"Now, come here kids, hold your hands together... yes, that's it, to form a circle. Now, see this toy? You will pass this to your colleague, ok?"

Dammit, that kiddie party faerie emcee should be shot!

And that birthday girl's dad looked so much like someone who used to be crazy in love with me, it was creepy.


Note to self: flicking (for lack of a better English term for the word PITIK) a drowsy driver on the face will not make him less sleepy, but will make him want to kick you out of his car...

I should have known that such isn't a cure for sleepiness... the things your classmates lead you to believe, tsk tsk.


Stuck myself to the sofa almost all weekend, watching the Olympic games. Which little girl is soooo ugly that she dreams of becoming a weight lifter anyway? ugh... (am sorry, I know they must have shit their pants many times to get to the top... and they may already be suffering from pelvic floor syndrome... and I still think, such isn't right)


I wonder sometimes if there is such a thing as 'too late'... like a pursuit of a dream, a disclosure of truth, a revealing of love....


Praise should go to this 6-year old girl I really don't know, who rid her Dad of his smoking habit by refusing to kiss him several years back, because he kept smelling like an ashtray.


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