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9:36 AM Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fortunately for me, i've never been so hung up about Valentines as most people. But I also don't hate it, and therefore will not rant about all the commercialism that threaten man's sanity as they make the perfect arrangements for a Valentine date.

I love celebrating it though, and no good reason other than I can be cheesy that way.

And though i've never really expected anything grand around this time, what with fully-booked motels, hotels and restaurants... it sure tickles me pink to have a guy become a little more overtly amorous.

The grandest Valentines I ever had is still that monthsary date I had with my ex, when we went back to Fort Santiago where we first really held hands and shakingly admitted our love for each other. He gave me a box filled with thoughtful delights (Beatles tapes, books, white chocolates) and cards all individually packaged and numbered, and he watched me open each gift through candle light. He also brought plastic goblets and Sprite (as I am allergic and un-fond of alcoholic anything) for us to toast our love for each other. (my gift to him then was copies of all my journal entries about him, from the time I met him, to the time we went steadies)

Unfortunately for me though, am usually on a break with a guy, or the guy has to work around Valentines. So, i've also gotten used to spending it with friends.

And I can't seem to remember ever receiving flowers on Valentines (actually, an ex used to give me a white rose... while he gives all his other female friends a red rose each, his tradition ever since college I think). Not that am such a fan of flowers, but it's sorta nice to get something (and flowers is a no-brainer) on Valentines. My hubby once gave me a bunch of daisies 3 days after Valentines, some years ago, because I was breathing down his neck (since the 14th is monthsary date) and envious of my boss who got 2 2-dozen bouquets (tsk, i just love the big, fat yellow roses her husband sends her... they're so big, fat and yellow!).

But ok, fine, I love gerbera daisies too. They're such happy flowers.

So yes, maybe that's why my bridal bouquet turned out the way it did.

Anyway, the ex that gave me my most wonderful valentines date? Well, he also made my mother's heart soar... when he sent HER 2 dozen white roses at home for Valentines. She was like a little girl in her delight!!! And I soooo loved to see her so touched, I know I cried while I was thanking the ex then.

And weirdly enough, I have yet to have flowers delivered to me too. Hmmpf! (the hubby has always bought from his sister and delivered them personally to me)

Anyway, this Valentines, i've been thinking of getting my MIL a bouquet of roses. Only, having them delivered costs no less than a thousand bucks! (it's not that she's not worth a thousand bucks, it's just that i'd rather spend a thousand bucks on something more lasting and practical... ahehe)

And then am wondering if being absent from work to buy flowers in Dangwa and then deliver them to her will be justifiable (considering my many absences already)...

Howell... I can now relate with guys, and don't envy them. :D

Meanwhile, hopefully I can make a towel cake to give our house a Valentine-y feel.


Helpful sites :) ==> cheapest na ata that delivers ===> send bears instead ===> send cakes instead?

Or just buy really sinful treats from ms. Maribeth :)


Meanwhile, Pyro's getting better


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