twenty-six today

9:01 AM Thursday, February 02, 2006

funny how one of the more important persons in my life celebrates his birthday a day after my sister...

he, who became my best friend from accompanying me to gimiks mostly...

he, who was always just happy puffing on his ciggies while being quiet in some corner, people-watching, soundstripping silently...

he, who would always tag along but would also always just let me be

he, who always let me have my fun, but made sure i didn't have fun i'd regret later

he, who always brought me home

and who routinely texts me

he, who alone believed me when others wouldn't

he, who always cared and watched out for me

he, who would always give me much-needed reality check

he, who seemingly is the exact opposite of me

happy birthday, ganda :) enjoy today ha? all i wish is good health, fulfillment of dreams and happiness for you, as always :)


ansarap lang talaga ng birthday food, i swear :)


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