RAW - Live in Manila

10:01 AM Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I actually chose to not watch it. After all, it was RAW, not Smackdown. And the remaining wrestler that titillates me is UNDERTAKER.

Hubby and his youngest bro watched it though. And they had a wonderful time, despite the banner-carrying people in front of them, and the screaming banshee behind them (yes, the woman was uber-rooting for Triple H, in a 'fight' that all wrestler fans know to be pre-determined and generally just for show).


I was a wrestler fan way before... back to the time of Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior, when Shawn Michaels didn't exactly strut, and Ravishing Rick Rude kissed girls... back to a time when I couldn't see what made Macho Man Randy Savage Macho... and there were obscure heroes in the personas of Koko Beware and Tatanka.

I was a wrestler fan when the British Bulldogs were eye candy, and Bret Hart of the Hart Foundation was the man of your dreams... and the creepiest thing that walked the earth was Andre the Giant... and Jake the Snake was cool, while Million Dollar Man and Rick Flair weren't.

Ah, but yes, Brutus the Barber Beefcake could have had me several times with one hello. :)

And then, of course, all the men worship the Ultimate Warrior and watching him in cage fights was the highlight of their year.


Hubby and Boss Len are re-introducing me back to the wrestling world. My boss, 7 months pregnant, braved the chaos in the streets last Friday with husband and 3 kids to watch RAW.

Her kids were wearing championship belts (fakes, bought at Greenhills for P500) and shirts featuring John Cena, Battista and Eddie Guerrero. She screamed like hell in the footages she recorded from her camphone (having wasted precious battery time on not-so-popular initial fighters, totally missing Triple H on cam) and mourned the fact that she didn't make the banner she intended to flash:


And her hubby was supportive :) Kulit no?


And because it was MY digicam, hubby didn't change the settings, didn't know how to take multiple shots, etc.

But let me share the photos he took (they'd be better if I took them, i'd have considered the HEAT factor, bwahaha)

Click on the pic for more pics


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