sometimes you hurt...

9:01 AM Friday, February 03, 2006

and good for you if you've reached a point already to take the hurt with grace.

knowledge that you have friends and family who love you, no matter how you feel unloved, also helps. because then, you are governed more by what you know and believe, rather than how you feel.

feelings can be revealing, yes.

but they can also be misleading...

for betrayal, rejection, prejudice, violence, abuse, catching someone in a lie, injustice, etc... all just give rise to pain and anger...

but when you're able to make sense of the pain... and when you acknowledge that most of the time, it's your thoughts (assumptions, beliefs, expectations and own prejudice) that bring you pain, then you're able to detach yourself long enough from the pain to make sense of it...

and if you're blessed with common sense, you come up with an action plan

and when you're brave enough, you act, and stop reacting (at least negatively)

this doesn't mean that the tears stop... or that there aren't sad nights...

but at least you no longer have to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of questions and self-disgust

at least, you're free to still live your life the way it should be lived

and you're more empowered to let go of possible emotional baggages

and you don't forget the other reasons you have to smile and be grateful for


may yesterday serve as a reminder to me to only surround myself with people who live a congruent life... those who speak what they mean, and mean what they tell you, and who deliver on their words... those who, though they may hurt me, will honor me with the truth rather than false hopes


naks, blog posts for 3 consecutive days :)


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