on taxes

4:31 AM Saturday, July 08, 2006


when i give up 25% of my total earnings for the year
and not have to pay more taxes when I eat at fastfood places
and restaurants
and also not get taxed anymore
when i deposit my money in a bank
i know i won't complain
bur will gladly give up that quarter
and be happy that it covers other important things
like health services when I need it
and correct, updated medical information
even if for when am just curious


i need worry nevermore
of being accosted by criminals
on the streets
or being abused and exploited
by the police
and can enjoy a good car ride
without the bumpy roads and traffic
and high toll fees and gas expense
then I won't think of the many things
I could have bought instead
(like a Canon 30D or several pre-need plans)

and WHEN

I happen to get some bonus...
and the additional income puts me
in a higher tax bracket
I wouldn't bat an eyelash IF
teachers need no longer push goods
to their students
just to augment their earnings
and the disparity between students
from public and private institutions
is negligible
and the city I love and live in
isn't polluted by people
without homes, without jobs
without education and hope

and WHEN

I do get promoted, and get moved yet again
to a higher tax bracket
i'd gladly give that 35%
for better facilities wherever I go
for better services
in all my transactions
for peace and order and clean surroundings
and confidence in the government
I will not balk at my tax computations
IF I know that everyone else is chipping in
from the streetsweeper to the mall magnate
and everybody is really benefitting

but IF... I hear,
even the most hushed whispers
that certain politicians are getting transported
in gas-guzzling cars
and staying in ludicrously-expensive suites
while 80% of the population
is struggling to make ends meet
then i'd always feel shortchanged
not just used, but also abused
there'd always be anger
a sense of injustice
a silent wish for lightning to strike
certain people and snuff their lives out

and some nights will be spent
just shaking my head
grieving over the money am giving up
and plotting how to doctor my financial statements


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