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9:01 AM Monday, February 13, 2006

My cousin who lived with us for almsot 5 years took up Nursing in college. She didn't make it at her first try to get a License, and decided instead to join her Mom in GenSan. She was one of my secondary sponsors when I got married.

Needless to say, I was more than sad when I found out that she's four months along the way. And that she's gotten married just this Feb to some guy she met at their Church there. She just turned 22 last September.

Sure, she's already an adult. Sure, it's unfair of me, or us, to expect her to help her family (she's the 2nd of 5 kids, their youngest is in Grade 5) out of their economic funk (their eldest is kinda 'special' and she's always stood up as the eldest instead). Sure, enjoying your singlehood can be overrated. Sure, getting married after college does not necessarily set the feminist movement 2 steps back.

But like what I said, I was sad and disappointed. I'm also flabbergasted and amazed at how some people, given their backgrounds, do not take the initiative to 'improve' their lot in life.

And yes, I gues I have to use all terms am using loosely... for we can always argue who's to say what will or will not improve one's lot in life.

I just thought that given how her parents were/are, she'd have wanted and willed a more stable future for herself. But then again, maybe because things have been unstable from the beginning, she couldn't wait to anchor herself to whatever, something she can call hers.

I just hope this man loves her. I heard he's still a student. I just hope that their marriage won't join the ranks of the unhappy ones, or the broken ones. I pray they'd provide well for their kids.

But yeah, i'd tell her I still love her. I'd always do.


Weirdly enough, I was also stupefied upon knowing that my sis has dumped (finally!) her infernally inssecure and stalker-like long-time bf only to hook up with a former neighbor's child... my sister's childhood playmate.

That boy (all grown up now, of course) was non-exceptional as a tot, and only really cute when compared to his siblings. But I guess I have to give him a break.

Still, I couldn't help but pointedly ask my sister, "Are you sure you want their mom for a mother-in-law?!"

Ok... so judgmental of me :D

But I mean... it's bad enough that in the long years we've been neighbors, I have yet to hear brilliance (using the term loosely again here... as in no stars stamped on wrists and what nots at all) from their family (or even relatives). But their mother was one of the more annoying fixtures of my childhood, the ever hypocrite El Shaddai worshipper who is always first to spread gossip and cast the first stone. Heck, she totally ruined El Shaddai for me and what the Catholic movement stood for.

And the way she dished criticism, you'd think her kids are angels! (ugh... somebody here has been at me about how ugly I look, but you should see her daughter... and one of her sons!)

And so, even though it's kinda too early to tell how all this will spell out, I absolutely cringe at the idea of someday having them as family members.

And no, you can't tell me a person can change. She won't. And my gosh... I think of my future nieces and nephews and feel awful about what their genepool is going to be like!!!

Hay naku talaga!


Meanwhile, i'm starting to get mighty absorbed with wrestling again. Tsk. But no, am not regretful of my decision to miss RAW when they come to Manila.


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