am like a mango

2:21 PM Monday, June 27, 2005

Hanged with the AA folks at Discovery Suites last Saturday... we talked of how we've mellowed down.... of good old times... and true misheard lyrics. One of my friends had a maid who used to sing Rico Mambo's chorus that way... "I'm like a mango"

And then Trina made kwento about having to watch a Ms. Burlington Beauty Pageant wherein a contestant introduced herself this way:

"Hi, good evening, I'm Miss _____. I believe that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... and I... am the beholder"

Trina also made kwento about how a colleague would tell her sometimes, "Trina, where have you been? Migs has been looking at you!"

And then we talked about the early years of Battle of the Brainless.

Filipinos are such an un-boring people. Ahehe


Not wanting to air our dirty laundry out, let me just say that I'd forever believe that there is such a thing as LUCK... for two people I know who should just really drop dead because of their jerk-dom are getting an opportunity some of us can only dream of.


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