butong pakwan

2:22 PM Monday, June 20, 2005

It's all my boss' fault. Actually, her Mom's. Whenever her Mom goes on a trip to Pampanga, she always comes home with lots of BUTONG PAKWAN (watermelon seeds).

Not just any butong pakwan too, it's always Paning's Butong Pakwan, dry and malutong and not too salty.

And heaven help me, between the two of us (Len and I), we can almost consume a kilo of it in just one day...

Weird that we can do it three straight days in a row, depending on how much her Mom brought for her, without really ruining our teeth or really hurting our lips.

We consume it as we read reports, think while we draft reports and whatever, eat meryenda, and talk.

And heaven help me, I was ecstatic to find out that Cabalen actually sells it... for P62/500 gms. bag... we're now assured that we can have them weekly if we want to.



I Love Hizon's... their calf liver steak, their hawaiina ham, their broiled prawns in lemon butter suace, their chicken ala king, their grilled blue marlin in white wine...

Love their cakes... caramel and maryann...

Love their toasted yema... and this jellyace-like made from pure egg yolk...

Hay naku, love Hizon's talaga. The world is a better place because am living near their restaurant and bakeshop.


Ate at Mr. Choi's Kitchen. Their seafood and corn soup and pork chop in lemon sauce... are heavenly!!! Super heavenly!!!! And cheap too :)


  1. ur lucky.. im craving for them for a year now...
    i live in the us, i don't think they're selling that kind over here..


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