flipside of bullying

8:47 AM Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I've watched the shows (like Oprah) that tackled bullying, heard of the horror stories where some child of 10 will even commit suicide in front of his classmates just to get back at them for bullying him, and also end his misery...

Back in my elemetary and high school days... I know of some cliques who thought they're the only ones who can wear red jackets, or sport the same transparent backpack...

But still, eventhough there were always bullies, bullying was not a way of life. Kids still looked forward to going to school in my time...


My friend Mari has transferred her boys twice already (I think) because they were being bullied.


But I'm here to talk about the FLIP side...

My boss has been complaining how she's been called by parents/lolas and talked to by teachers regarding her sons (addendum: around 3 occasions in all her 2 boys school life).

Actually, her sons are not bullies. They don't strike fear in their classmates, they don't ask for lunch money, they don't pull someone's pants down.

But as boys, they can be rough.

And real makulit.

And my boss is lamenting about the fact that her boys are being labelled as bullies by classmates who are too whiny and sensitive.

What, she asks, has happened to boys that they can't engage in horseplay anymore? And when did they stop being physical?

And no, it's not really that am all for violence... but in a way, yes, i am all for healthy aggression.

Kids should act like kids and learn to deal with their emotions in all ways possible (and the instances being reported against these boys are not even in moments when they're angry... usually it's just kulitan that got a bit rough... or sometimes they'd greet a classmate with a punch, that sort of thing)... besides, kids GROW UP, they get more PINO in time, and more considerate and sensitive...

But if a kid start out being whiny and sensitive... how can he learn the value of tolerance? Imagine a 7-year old already having the world view of some sort of VICTIM... scary!


I long for the days when punching each other was more conflict resolution than a lawsuit... or an attitude problem.


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