one-night stands

5:45 PM Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I have no idea why they even call them that, since they're seldom standing anyway... usually they're rolling on some motel bed, sometimes it's not even nighttime...

Usually, they're also drunk.

What a friggin' waste of carnal moment, if I may say so.

I mean, if you're going to sleep with a stranger anyway... someone you connected with (however superficially and fleetingly) and most probably share the same sense of adventure with (or at least, the same need for constant variety.. or fine, the same impulsive nature)... why not make the most out of it?


First... by making him/her believe that you are one of the best times of his/her short life.

Second... by bringing out the animal passionate, surrendering side he/she has never known he/she possessed.


You'd need around an hour to prime each other up... thank heavens for text messaging, you can even do it earlier. Meet to have a light meal, size each other up (again, don't get each other drunk), talk, gauge how far one may be willing to go (if you've already agreed to do it, go over what you've told each other about what you like in bed... what is kinky... what is downright foul and dirty... etc)... go dancing... engage in some touching... make deliverable threats and naughty promises...

Always fantasized about bondage, however light? Well... good for us, convenience stores offer hankies!!! Yup.. blindfolded encounters could be double the fun. In lieu of rope, use another hanky. Got some more money? Buy yet another be used to titillate the skin of the blindfolded, tied-up one.

Most people have ten fingers and a tongue... and they serve other purposes as well so better allow them this chance to self-realize. Use them to explore each nook and cranny. Alternate between slightly rough and uber gentle. Cold (ice cream) and hot tongue. Soft skin and stubble. Callused fingers and smooth lips.

Take your time. It's not the number of rounds or orgasms (though multiple orgasms are great!) that counts. It's how intensely your bodies will surrender to the sensations... to playing master... or slave.

Say something. Moan. Gasp. Be outspoken about what you enjoy... what feels good. I'm not saying you have to make a commentary out of it... but make sure you flatter him/her... and you appeal to his/her ego. Don't lie nor exaggerate. Just be vocal.

(of course, such an encounter as the one am describing isn't for those who didn't click... or people who didn't believe in baths and dentists)

Of course, use protection. And don't rush the orgasm... and don't separate too soon after you've been sated.

Even if you don't cross paths again... at least it would be an encounter you'd never be ashamed of... or regret.


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