It's really not my wonderful news to tell... but a lot of bloggers have been witness to how Jet labored for over a year reviewing for the Nursing Board Exams in California. And yes, she passed... and she is, as we speak, being propelled to her next great adventure with her hubby.


My parents' room is currently wallpapered with Manila paper filled with formulas and text. My Sis can sometimes be heard dictating or demanding answers. See... this Sunday, my cousin Tin (who's been like a sister for having lived with us these past 4 years), together with thousands of other hopefuls, will be taking the Board Exams for Nurses.

And in some other public school, raspberry will be taking the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET). Again, with thousands of other hopefuls.

Please pray that their hard work will be rewarded... and they'd make their parents proud. And they'd be blessed in the professions they've chosen...


I remember that I also reviewed for LET. Not that it was much of a review because hundreds of us are asked to gather in gyms. Usually we'd just take and retake tests, get evaluated, etc.

And usually, we'd be reprimanded by a guard or professor... because we'd be found in the university lawn, playing Pusoy Dos. That was us, pretending we're reviewing.

When we can't pretend any longer, we hail our butts to the nearest mall to watch movies and just hang out.

I took the exam for Elementary Education so it was a battery of tests on different subjects. I'd fall asleep in between. I also brought so much candy and water with me... as if channelling, or challenging, the claim that sweets activate your thinking powers. (yeah, fine, it was the perfect excuse for chocolates... can you blame me?)

And I shook my head a lot and tskd! a lot because half of those taking the exam with me REFUSED TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Or maybe they just didn't read them. But you know, they're going to be teachers... for heaven's sake!

Anyway, yes, I passed with relatively good ratings. Less than a month later, I also took the CSC Professional Exam. Passed that one too.

Admittedly, I didn't care much about what ratings i'd get (though in retrospect, I get a little embarrassed sometimes that I didn't get really high ratings) then because I already had an eligibility under my belt. Graduating with honors automatically awards one (of course, you have to register) with a Professional eligibility in this country of ours, by virtue of PD 907 (which also awards the same to SK officials... demmet).

And graduating then, all I wanted was to travel, or work as a counselor or in some project for an NGO.

And I don't know how to end this post.

Am sleepy now. So there. Happy weekend.


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