Dakki has had 2 operations already. And after 3 weeks, she's had her first 5cc of milk. She's still under observation and she still needs medicines and prayers... but we're really proud of this little fighter.

Thank you all for those who have offered God a silent prayer for her.


Constructing, validating, adminsitering and interpreting standardized tests... PNU had excellent professors to teach us and train us in those things.

Which is why, for the life of me, I cannot quite reconcile why PRC would include the following questions in their Board Exam for Nurses:

1) When does parenthood end?
Choices include
a) courtship to marriage
b) courtship to menopause

etc... all beginning with courtship.

2) Your guy friend is working abroad and you find out that his wife is seeing her ex. Do you...


It may be an ethics/morality question, but really, WTF???!!???

at may follow up ya-an...

3) The wife got pregnant by her ex. What do you...

Tsk. And such questions are supposed to pick the best among the rest.


(my cousin asked me these questions... and what could have been the RIGHT answer... susmio)


My colleagues and I have got to talking about circumcision. I even asked some blog friends to provide me with a picture of an uncircumcised pecker (btw, I can use the proper word, am desensitized to it, but I don't want to have WinGate blocking me from my own blog).

Anyway, can't help but wondering who actually thought to remove that piece of skin, and why... how could anyone possibly imagine that such won't kill an infant? I know it's already a practice in the Bible... but you know...since when has it been a practice? And what purpose did it really serve?

And how about the Pinoys? Did we practice it before the Spaniards came, or was it brought to us? I heard it's part of Moslems' rite of passage, so did they have it before? Do ALL Moslems practice it? Do ALL Catholics?


Please pray for my fave aunt, who's confined in the hospital for pneumonia... may we get her to take her meds.


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