1:46 PM Saturday, January 31, 2004

Paradise Island in Samal kind of disappointed me... first, they partitioned the beach and put tables and lounge chairs there... with roofing over the tables... so that I was deprived of a great expanse of the white beach that they promised...

Inferno to Samal though, it's waters are far clearer and cleaner than Boracay... even if it's sand isn't as powdery and fine...


My family couldn't stop eating lunch because of the real fresh Gindara we were feasting on. Ahhh, fresh fish... sawapppp!!! The sashimi last night was super great too...


I think it's salabay-season too at Samal, coz am sporting lots of bites all over my body...


Pics of my Davao trip to follow... now am just hoping to get to Zamboanga next week... i'd buy Curacha by the box!!!


I know, i have a bulging, un-sexy tummy now... but heck, it's the season to eat well :)

8:18 AM Monday, January 26, 2004

Can I just say out loud that I think it's a stupid idea to rename Taft Ave. into Jose Diokno (?) Avenue? I mean, what exactly is the point of that endeavor???


Having orgasms can be awfully funny. Here's your panting, gasping body getting wracked with orgasms, quivering like hell, making these silly sounds...


I shall never underestimate again the power of MY self-control


Happy birthday to friends, Leng, Michelle, John and Henrich. Love you guys...

12:34 PM Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I want to already be
the girl you have been looking for
the embodiment of all
that is good and kind and wonderful
all that is nice and pure and

I want to already be
the girl you cannot believe
you'd find
someone who commands your attention
respect, devotion, and time
someone you'd owe fidelity to
someone you'd trust,
someone you'd be true to

I want to already be
the girl you will offer your lifetime to
to hold and cherish
to know, to support, to grow old with
and walk hand in hand with
to seek solace and comfort from
to use as daily inspiration

I want to already be
the girl you can spend
a lifetime seeking
and never find again
I want to be THE ONE
and THE ONLY ONE for thee...

- impromptu Jan 21, 2004

5:26 PM Friday, January 16, 2004

Bought a cellphone for my sister yesterday. Gave it to her this morning, left it where she can't miss it on the day she has no classes (so she'd have the whole day to tinker with it)... with a love letter of sorts (complete with reprimands and testimonials) ...

Decided to give it 2 weeks early so her friends would know she's back and so that she can enjoy the birthday text messages and calls.

She texted me... how happy she is and how thankful and surprised and how I made her cry.


I'm telling you guys, she's sooo worth this poverty am going through now.

Like what I told her, I love her best.

8:41 AM Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I am going through a really tough time right now... and going about it like the perfect adolescent... angry, moody, detached, unmindful of where to strike blame or need... raging against anything and everything... feeling that the world owes me big time... feeling all kinds of hurt and offended... believing that I have been treated unfairly and unjustly and undeservingly... lost... suffocated... desperate... and full of pride and arrogance...

You just know you've lost your battle already when there is no humility in it...

1:18 PM Monday, January 05, 2004


Consider this:

around ten days of taking care of the following:

* a 9 year old boy who kept looking for spiders
* a 7 year old boy who blames his Mom for any mishap that befalls him
* a 7 year old girl who just celebrated her birthday
* a 3 and a half year old protective brother who also kept making his siblings cry
* a 3 year old boy who kept running around
* a 2 and a half year old girl who had to be carried everywhere and insists on getting her way (kinda reminds me of myself)
* a 2 year old boy who cries everytime he loses sight of Mommy
* a 1 year old girl who reminds me of Boo
* a 6 month old boy who is always sick
* a 5 month old boy who is always noisy (yup, that's my nephew Pyro)

And yet... I cannot imagine a more rewarding Holiday Break. We went to the beach. We called on I don't know how many houses to pay respect. We attended a fiesta and had one. We witnessed a christening. We took a lot of pictures.

And what can I say? I realized more that I really won't settle for a man other than the most gentle, most providing, most loving, most sexually and intellectually stimulating, most emotionally supportive man... I can get... :)

I love my family... And it woes me that I might not get to spend this coming year's Christmas w/ my Dad, Mom and my sister...

Still, vacation was filled with tears, laughter, cakes and other food...

And Ela's birthday was a success (she had a toothache that time tho).

And my cousins from Michigan had a blast!!!

The saddest thing about Filipino society is not it's joke of a politics, or the prevalence of and tolerance for terrorism and corruption... nor it's undying devotion to anything romantic (read: unrealistic and impractical)... but the slow disintegration of families...

Values, principles... dignity... all lies in the family one keeps... or loses...

And it all starts with a man and woman's wedding vows...