2:39 PM Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just for the record, I condemn the Ampatuan / Maguindanao Massacre. It is senseless killing of unimaginable implications. The tragedy is not the massacre per se, but that it happened in our country in this day and age.

It's even more offensive because people died saving lives during Ondoy... but there, in a place the governement doesn't really get to monitor, away from Manila's prying eyes, these atrocities are the norm.

I said somewhere that maybe it's a blessing in disguise that the killers killed so many journalists. Maybe this time, fear for their own lives, offense for their own kind, will drive the press to never let this story get buried.

I also hope that the Muslims will rise together and bring the peace that should be theirs to their land. It's not that am blaming them, but they are equally culpable. Same way that I can't blame Filipinos abroad who are, right now, ashamed of being Filipinos because of this tragedy.

We elected our officers. We allow them to cheat. We have great laws but allow people to give us rice or money so they could abuse or deny these laws. We choose to believe in advertisements and propaganda and promises instead of reacting to what is actually happening. We allow people to steal from us. We steal ourselves.

So one way or the other, we allowed those people to be killed. Shame on us, indeed.

Deaf Festival 2009

12:38 AM Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I knew that CSB had deaf students from my ex-boyfriend, who was once a guidance counselor there. He had to learn a little sign language then. What I didn't know was that CSB was actually holding sign language classes wherein non-CSB students are welcome to learn.

So anyway, it's Deaf Festival there last week, and CSB was celebrating 15 years of its Deaf programme. I was humbled by the cultural show. Imagine deaf people dancing! Plus, it was an altogether new experience watching emcees signing as they introduced numbers, most of the spectators quiet (being deaf themselves), and just marveling at the depth of emotion in the interpretative dances and skits.

gay deaf students dancing to SINGLE LADIES

students dancing to KRAZZY

for me, the star of the show! (he was emcee and in at least
4 dance numbers!)

FSL students and teachers

Mr. Takashi Shozaki is a deaf actor who was absolutely
brilliant! He had everyone laughing, even the hearing.
It was amazing since they were showing a clip of his movie
and then, there he was, on stage!

deaf students flying high

with my FSL classmates and prof

I hear about 90% of the deaf population in CSB are on scholarship and it is a struggle for them after graduation to get hired. I really hope more can be done for the Deaf to be integrated into society and to have equal opportunities as the rest of us. Maybe not the same opportunities but equal nonetheless in terms of pay and value.

And I really am happy am getting to know some deaf people. They have a culture all their own and are less critical and more open than us hearing folks. Plus, I am amazed at the level of enthusiasm and self-expression the deaf students of CSB have. I'm getting redundant here but it's really, really amazing just being welcomed into their world.


Allow me to leave you with a link to quotes from Helen Keller, one who used deafness and blindness to open possibilities for others like her.

The Jinkee-Manny-Krista Drama

9:55 AM Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Everybody has probably seen the footage of Jinkee crying at the Thanksgiving Mass held for Manny's win, where she turned instead to a friend and brushed her husband's hand away.

And then there's Manny's plea for people to mind their own business and concentrate on his win instead of wondering about whether he is having an affair with Krista or not. In a way, it may really feel unfair for him, after having secured such a glorious honor for the country, to be now embroiled in vicious gossip. But what was that quote that goes something like, "No Amount Of Success Can Compensate For Failure in the Home" ... and affair or not, Manny's home has made a lot of sacrifices to support Manny's pursuit of his passion and glory for the country. So it must really be offensive to Jinkee to have the rumored mistress so near at a time when she alone should be the woman with her husband. It's her duty and privilege. And the game is so public. What shame indeed!

And how dare Krista invoke her right to support Manny, a fellow Pinoy and friend, if ever, when Manny's family's honor is at stake. How dare their handlers make light of the situation and not consider how inconsiderate it must be for the legal wife.

There is that slim chance that Manny is really not having an affair with Krista, that this is all some sick propaganda that they do not really 'kill' to boost support for their movie. But that is Manny's sin to his wife... that he defends Krista's honor and his, but not his wife's.

So Jinkee had a right to the tears, regardless of how much, or little, love there is in their marriage. After all, Manny owes her respect above everyone else, including Mommy D.

Haaay, My Dad

2:21 AM Monday, November 16, 2009

I told my father that we went swimming last, last weekend and he replied with something like "Buti pa kayo, pa-swimming swimming na lang samantalang yung iba, na-bagyo... anyway, ingat, love Dad"

And then last Friday, while chatting with my sis, she asked me a curious question, "who planned the swimming party?" So I asked her why she was asking and asked her if Dad made the above comments to her as well. She was surprised I knew. She just said something like, "you know naman our elders" :D

Frankly, I wasn't bothered by it at all. Like what I told my sis, and not because I was defensive, we moved the date of the swimming gig because we didn't want to be disrespectful of typhoon victims, aside from not wanting to do it in the midst of a storm also. Plus, I gave away sooo many clothes, stuff, money and time for the victims. I knew I had done my part and had a right to celebrate my, my son's and my husband's birthdays.

But this is particularly telling of how my Dad is. Family bonding time for him is us going to Lipa to visit him, or us staying home and maybe sitting together in front of the TV, or maybe even forcing small talk during dinner. He's been all over the world but never thought to bring his own family anywhere. We never took trips. So his view of say, who I am, is limited to what he's perceived of me as a daughter... he has much to know about me as a person.

Paranormal Activity

4:28 PM Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It is a movie that's creating buzz abroad right now. I believe it hasn't been shown here yet (which is probably why nobody's talking about it with me on Plurk and FB). Anyway, we watched it at my MIL's living room last Sunday, with all the lights closed.

It's reminiscent of Blair Witch Project without the gagging that will ensue from all the crazy camera movements.

Of course, like with almost all horror-suspense movies, it's a little anticlimactic but I really liked this one. I especially love the staring for hours or rocking for hours and the ending.

Did I give much away? I didn't right? :)