Flirting as a Woman

10:59 AM Thursday, September 30, 2010

As a married woman, my days of flirting aren't necessarily at an end, but less is riding on my ability to flirt successfully. Many of my girlfriends get really frustrated with flirting. After all, the burden of responsibility usually falls to men, but if no one is approaching you, it can seem difficult to change things. As a result, a lot of my friends just give up on flirting but here are a few things I've learned on the subject:

Make Yourself Easy to Talk To

If you want guys to approach you, make sure you seem approachable. If you're at a club or bar with other women, separate yourself from the group. This will make it easier for people to start conversations without feeling intimidated. It's also good to make sure that it looks like you want to be approached. Simple makeup and well-tended clothing will make sure that people know you're not just there to sit in a corner.

Smile and Make Eye Contact

When someone does start a conversation with you, there are little things you can do to encourage them. One of the first things to do is smile and look happy to be having the conversation. Eye contact is just as important, just as it is important to hold that eye contact for at least a couple of seconds in order to develop a sense of chemistry.

Contribute to Conversations

Whatever the conversation is about, speak your mind and give your opinions. Whether it's car insurance or sports, talk about what you know. If you're bored, though, don't keep talking about the subject! You're completely allowed to change the course of the conversation.

Just Make the First Move, Already!

If you still feel frustrated, just start the conversation yourself. Most guys will be flattered, you will feel empowered and you won't be stuck whining about how no one talked to you.

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33 Next Week

12:42 AM Monday, September 27, 2010

I will be 33 next week. And apart from dreams of wealth that will enable my family to live a comfortable life and travel everywhere, and health for us to be able to enjoy each other, I really do not want anything else.

Aside from more new clothes and some accessories. How hormonally weird is that? :)

But it's good to be happy and content. And it's great to know I am blessed. When I think of all the turbulent years I had to go through to get to where I am, I really cannot help but smile. I lived, I learned, and now I am truly loved and loving.

How's that for growth?

Raring for HP: Deathly Hallows Part 1

1:35 AM Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Threads on the latest Harry Potter movie are buzzing with excitement since Deathly Hallows Part 1 will be showing on November 18 already. Some are already reserving tickets to watch it in 3D at the IMAX theater at Mall of Asia.

Me... I'm still wondering if i'd watch it in 3D since the last time I did (and it was an HP movie as well), I got hospitalized the day after. Plus, I just got dizzy. I heard though that Resorts World already has cinemas and that one of the Newport cinemas offers 3D. Can you imagine watching your fave, fave movie in a place as plush as this?

newport Cinema 1-B

And wouldn't it be grand to watch the movie and then play slots after or try my hand at poker, just because am still feeling euphoric?

Incidentally, I'm not sure if Resorts Wolrd already offers online gambling now. I just receive notices for their events, like concerts and launches. Anyway, I need to check how much their tickets cost. I'd have just delivered a baby then and it may be wise to avoid the crowds in malls.


5:49 PM Thursday, September 16, 2010


nakakatawa kung iisipin mo
kung gano kalaki na
ang pinagbago mo
pero ikaw pa rin naman yan
ganon ka pa rin naman
pero marami nang nag-iba
pano ko ba to ie-eksplika?

dati rati
bibili ako ng damit
na pang-akit, panglandi
suot ko pag gigimik
siguradong pantawag pansin
syempre pa, dapat lang
mapansin ka ng kalalakihan

ngayon, medyo ganun pa din naman
pero sa dalawang lalaki na lang
ako nagpapakyut
pupustura pag may lakad
kasama ang mahal kong asawa
magda-daster naman
para masabihan ng anak ko ng "Prinsesa!"

dati rati
napupuyat ako
kakabasa ng libro,
kakababad sa telepono
kakatambay sa kanto

ngayon, puyat pa din naman
kakaantay sa asawang
ginagabi sa trabaho
kaka-alaga sa anak
pag ito'y may trangkaso
at kakatiis na lang
sa sanggol na dinadala ko
pag ako'y sinisipa nito

dati rati
paniwala ko'y mayaman ako
pano ba naman
akin lang ang kita ko
panay pa ang byahe ko
iba't ibang parte ng Pilipinas ata
ang narating ko

ngayon, hindi na ako nagtatrabaho
pero ramdam ko pa rin
na mayaman ako
ikaw na ang gisingin ng halik ng anak mo!
ang mag-ubos ng araw
kakakanta, kakalaro...
ang maging saksi
kung pano lumalaki
ang iyong unico hijo

dati rati
pag malungkot ako
bibilhan ako ng aking nobyo
ng mocha cake sa Goldilocks
kasi yun lang ang laging gusto ko

ngayon, sya pa din ang tagabili ko ng cake
asawa ko na nga lang sya
yun nga lang din, hindi ko na natitikman
yung mga bulaklak na gawa sa asukal
sa anak namin, ito ngayo'y nakalaan

o diba, nakakatawa
ako pa rin to
ganun pa rin ako
pero marami na din akong pinagbago!
sa totoo lang
mas may tono na
ang pagkanta ko...
mas matibay na din ang tuhod ko
talo pa nung umaakyat ako ng bundok
napraktis sa kakahele ng anak ko

kung dati rati
naturingan akong delisyus
dahil ako'y pa-sexy
ngayon, delisyus pa din naman
(masarap naman ang pata tim, diba?
biro lang!)
kasi masarap pala ako magmahal!
bukod sa sabi ng mga kaibigan
kita ko din naman
sa tamis ng ngiti ng asawa ko
pag sinasalubong ko ng yakap
at sa paghingi ng halik
pag nasasaktan ang aking anak

lahat tayo magbabago
tatanda, mawawalan
makakatagpo, maiiwan
kakaiba lang talaga
pag pag-ibig, binago ka na
at nagtataguyod na
ng sarili mong pamilya.

Instrumental version of "I Can See Clearly Now" by Jimmy Cliff

You know that adage, "the more things change, the more they stay the same?" Well, I think that sort of holds true for me.

I like to believe I am the same vibrant, passionate, crazy woman... but the things that make me feel alive, the things that matter to me, the things that drive me have changed.

I did not change because I married and had a child. Not really.

I changed because I started finding value in other things. The paradigm shift from feeling proud over getting promoted to not having a sick child did not happen overnight. It also did not happen smoothly. There were days when I raged over the lack of adult conversations, personal money and material rewards.

And yet, somehow, it also was really easy finding the good in the intangible rewards of nurturing relationships.

And so I have evolved and somehow reinvented myself... and certainly the happier for it. Just like Goldilocks has continued reinventing itself while staying true to its being Proudly Filipino.

And yeah, we're both still very, very DELISYUS!!! :p

When Those Who Hurt... Hurt

3:22 AM Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I dare not expound but I am really troubled by something. I honestly do not know what to do or even whether I should do something about it or not. It is affecting me but am not sure if it's really MY problem... something that I should fix.

I have been praying for peace and healing for certain people in my life for soooo long... and I will admit part of me is angry because they've chosen to be victims of what happened in the past. But how can I pretend that old wounds cannot devastatingly hurt or break someone? And how do I become someone who offers hope for a better future?


Excited About Clothes

5:33 PM Tuesday, September 07, 2010

People who know me can attest to just how weird it is that I am actually looking forward to new clothes, that I am anticipating, that I am even ordering stuff I haven't fit.

This is just soooo not me! So yes, I blame hormones.

But maybe it's also having been home for 3 years already with seldom a reason to dress up that I find myself in this frame of mind. So, despite them being slightly overpriced (well, they're all multi-way anyway and perfect for breastfeeding so I consider them all good investment), I couldn't wait to be depositing my payments.

And tomorrow, I start watching out for the courier again.

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Looking Forward to a Happier Christmas

1:49 PM Saturday, September 04, 2010

I think the last time I had both my parents for Chirstmas was 2005. Since they migrated, it's usually only my Dad who's here for the Holidays (he hates the winters in Michigan) but he prefers just staying in Lipa so if we want to have him for Christmas, we had to have our Noche Buena there.

But now, they're both coming home for the Holidays. Arriving at the end of November, they're sure to be laden with their Christmas presents to their grandchildren here already. Mom has even told me she's bought me soooo many wipes for my coming second child.

I am stoked!

Of course, it saddens me that my sister won't be here so we won't be really complete and she's sure to be crying and missing us that time... but like a child, Christmas really isn't the same without parents.

Dreams and My Reality

1:47 PM Friday, September 03, 2010

Who here hasn't daydreamed of someday living in their dream home? My fantasies, when I was young, always included a big backyard, an expansive porch, a wrought-iron gate and an ornate address sign on the mailbox.

Then as I grew older, I settled for the usual picket fenced house, still with a yard but not so grand anymore, where we won't be so separated from our neighbors. The only grand things would be a vanity address plaque and maybe a swing set.

But now i'm part of a one-income family, I have resigned myself to just hoping we could afford a condo unit in a good area here in the city. It's just really impractical to subject my husband to long drives. Not only would we be missing him for dinners, he'd also lose bonding time, waste gas, be more tired. And since most of the play schools, shopping, etc. are still here in Manila, it would be more convenient for us to just stay here where it'd be easy to commute as I bring my son to classes. Most condo complex have pools anyway so at least, that's a good exchange for a backyard.


I heard Rupert Grint nicked the number 4 address sign for Privet Drive from the Harry Potter movie set. Hehe.