Lost at 33

6:55 AM Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am blessed. But I am also at a point where I don't know what's next aside from raising a family.

I am sad about something but I am not sure which, nor why.

I am praying the tears will stop from flowing and I will be engaged in more doing instead.

An unhappy me cannot be a good wife and mother... so, what's wrong with me?

Winter is Costing my Family

9:47 PM Thursday, March 17, 2011

My parents' car in the US has been snowed in half the time this winter... and it's always raining and snowing there still. I'm betting even a Ford Expedition cannot stand to remain outdoors in such snow. It would be dented and frozen and caving in with all the snow!

My sister has to literally dig the car through the snow every two hours or so, otherwise, the snow would turn to ice. It's such tedious work, she says, as opposed to just cleaning the car in the summer with a bucket of soapy water and hosing it down with a water pump. Add to her woes the fact that something seems to be wrong with the car's timing belt too. Oh well.

Is it an upside that gas is so high that they won't be doing much personal/leisure driving to save on costs?

The Case of my Lola

6:33 PM Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My lola wants to go back to the Philippines because she's 85 years old already and wants to escape the harsh winters of Michigan. Unfortunately, her pension was awarded her because she's a senior citizen. It's not something she worked for in her youth that she can bring and use anywhere, like other American citizens.

Therein lies her problem. Right now, we're looking into resources for seniors to see a workaround on this issue... so she can still come home with medicare supplement to enjoy. After all, she's undergone surgery for her hips and is already taking maintenance drugs for her heart.

I don't think there's a need for burial insurance for her though... that's something all her kids and grandkids can spring for... plus, my father's plots are there for her to use. Not that I'm expecting her to pass away anytime soon. Her mother reached the grand old age of 96, her uncle, 102. :)

Anyway, I just hope she can come home soon... and maybe, my youngest paternal uncle will also grab his chance to get married. Haha.