HP Ends

3:04 PM Friday, July 08, 2011

I now know that 'it all ends' on July 14. I still don't know when I am watching the movie though... and torn between watching it in 3D (IMAX theater) or in grandeur (Resorts World splendor). I am leaning towards crying in grandeur, haha.

I expect the actors to move on with their lives and finally really churn out other movies. I wonder though if they'll get paid as much as they were for the Harry Potter installations. Emma Watson became the youngest highest paid actress for the last 3 films, I think (which gave her around $20M). I wonder if the British has an equivalent to a 401k gold account. Or maybe, it's just celebs' accountants who are investing in IRA gold and arranging for IRA gold transfer later.

Oh, but I digress.

I cannot begin to describe the sadness that I know will accompany my last visit to the cinema for Harry Potter. And I think it's partly because I am not sure if my sons will ever be as big a fan as I am... and since they did not live during the time when you actually wait in line for the next book, there won't be that anticipation anymore for what will happen next... part of HP's charm.

I really think that's the reason why I haven't read Game of Thrones yet... even though I have had the 4 books for almost a month now. I know the 5th book is out there already too... but dare I fall in love again?