I Am Now 35

1:11 AM Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I am now 35
and what have I
to show for it?
clothes that no longer fit
high-heeled shoes  gathering
and still only one
stamp on my

I am now 35
and what have I learned
from getting past
my quarter-life?
that bad habits in childhood
will take its toll
on bodies
and gravity will pull
my breasts
and hips
no matter how perky
they were
and that I will still
grow up and be
a lot like my
(oh, the shame!)

I am now 35
and my allergies are worse
my PMS is worse
my acne is worse
and my social life has been
limited to
conversations with children
and this rectangle
of a laptop

Who knew, that despite all these
I'd consider myself
and generally happy?

Because... despite all that's
and lumpy
and the limited means
(for I am also unemployed)
I have two precious sons
to call my own
who I have raised
with only a little help
and whose memories
are MY stories
and whose everydays
are MY days

and my marriage
remains strong and true
and empowering
and liberating

and my parents
heaven bless them
are still alive
and generally still alright
and I am closer to them now
than I was ever before
what's more
they enjoy the
grandchildren I gave them

and I have developed other
mostly emanating from

but at 35
I feel alive
and free
and just where
I am meant to be

That may not be enough for some
But that's good enough for me
My life is grand enough for me