Pascual Consumer Health Care Corp. (PascualLab) recently invited bloggers as it launched its first line of health supplements that are specially made for women last June 9, 2011 at Tian-di Heaven and Earth Urban Spa in San Juan, Greenhills.

I actually had no idea what the product was and was happily surprised that they were health supplements from all-natural ingredients targetting women on the go. Briefly, they launched the following:

A!life Control - carbohydrate blocker for those who likes their rice or pasta. It contains Phase 2 (a white bean extract proven to minimize carb absorption). Supplement is best taken 2 hours before or after a carb-ladden meal. "Block carbohydrates. Get Slim."

A!life Posture - has Ostivone, which stimulates the formation of new bone cells and inhibits the loss of healthy bone cells. As brand ambassador Shawn Yao put it, "You can be as slim and pretty all you want but if your bones cannot support you, then everything will be pointless" (not exact words). She's got a great point, right? We do tend to forget about our bones and usually focus more on our skin. This is best taken with Calcium. "Stronger Bones. Better Posture."

A!life Energy - now, this is the Calcium supplement and it's all from Malunggay. The best part of this is that Malunggay also contains zinc, vitamin C, amino acids and other nutrients. With malunggay supplements, you really cover a lot of bases because this particular plant/food product is so good. "Natural Power. Extra Energy."

A!life Protect - this contains Pylogenol, a super antioxidant that helps protect the immune system defend against free radicals and facilitates skin lightening. Perfect for times when you can't get your eight hours of sleep or this rainy season. "Protect Health. Be Radiant."

A!life Restore - this is the anti-aging supplement of the bunch, with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that restores moisture from within. Prevent wrinkles and fine lines by using sunscreen, moisturizing, hydrating and popping this pill! "Restore moisture. Look young."

A!life Trim - contains ampalaya and banaba and helps lower blood glucose levels which is helpful in this day and age of processed foods and easily-had sweets (I think I ate 14 cookies yesterday! gaah). "Control Sugar. Be trim."

Some pictures I took (and two from OMD Philippines) include:

the host Bianca Valerio was soooo perky and refreshing, I felt her talents were wasted on us bloggers who didn't respond so much to her (mostly because I think the bloggers weren't comfortable in the standing room only setup with camera crews in front)

some of the ambassadors for A!life and Pascuallab representatives

"We make time for what we choose to have in our life." and "It sometimes really gets exhausting but I would rather have this than empty days." (Lucy Torres Gomez, who was absolutely luminous!)

Everybody takes a pose. Brand Ambassadors were also officially presented to the public too. A!life Protect Brand Ambassador Ms. Lexie Schultze, A!life Control Brand Ambassador Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez, Pascual Corp. Communications Vice President Ms. Mia Pascual, St. Lukes and Veterans Hospital Oncologist Dr. Christina Galvez, A!life Sr. Brand Manager Ms. Diana Gener, A!life Restore Brand Ambassador Ms. Patty Bettita, A!life Energy Brand Ambassador Ms.Lorraine Lapus, and A!life Posture Brand Ambassador Ms. Shawn Yao

Erika Paredes was sooo cute! Again, if we bloggers weren't standing, it would have been a more interactive and dynamic session for sure. It just felt awkward to be gathered round her, standing like that, hehe. But I loved her tips on creating slimmer silhouettes.

There were several mini-talks for the bloggers who attended as a treat and I attended the Makeover one. There was also a yoga class, one about making healthy drinks, and one on beauty regimens and exfoliating. After all these classes, there was a short dance class where everyone was invited to dance to varied energetic and sexy Latin dances.

So, yeah... this blogcon was fun. Illuminating too, aside from providing everyone that reality check to embrace a healthier lifestyle. The ambassadors did not just pitch for their brands but also reminded guests to exercise, eat well, manage stress as we all perform the many roles we play.

All bloggers got to take home some samples of the supplements (most were looking for the carb blockers, haha) and a spa certificate at Tian-di Heaven and Earth Urban Spa. Nice!

Look good, feel good, perform better... all possible with A!life :)


Thanks to Yehey, PascualLab and OMD Philippines, Inc. for the invite!