Another Grace as Nurse

6:48 PM Thursday, April 21, 2011

I recently managed to reconnect with childhood friends, one of which is now based in the States and shares my sister's name, Grace.

I heard she's taking up Nursing now too and I was happy to tell my old friend that our Grace, meanwhile, is reviewing for the NCLEX. That will be two Graces in medical nursing uniforms, hopefully, in the near future.

If it were me, I wonder if I could get away with cotton scrubs in shades of pink, orange/peach or lemon. Hehe. Maybe I should check out to see if such shades are common.

Anyway, I used to play older sister for this Grace. I used to defend her from all the teasings, especially when she had to have her hair shaved for a while due to persistent irritations on her scalp. I watched her grow from a toddler to a young child, then watched her be adopted by their aunt. Then, we bid adieu as they migrated to the US. I know she has a kind heart, just like my sis, and will make a great, really caring nurse. So, yes, I wish this other Grace good luck too. I hope my prayers that they make it will help.

Education in the Future

11:08 AM Friday, April 15, 2011

I have been discussing education, in general, with fellow Moms. Parents, after all, stress over where and when to send their kids to preschool... and which big school to aim for.

I told them, same thing I told my husband, that I/we will/should play this one by ear. For one thing, online courses are already pretty common nowadays. Kids as young as 16 are taking distance education programs from UP's Open University. My professor friend is in charge of online degree programs in education at PNU. It's not anymore important to really attend the usual colleges because now, kids can just attend specialized institutions for design, culinary, etc.

Too bad we don't have anything remotely resembling Free Application For Federal Student Aid (like the one at for students who may be looking for such opportunities. But still, my point is, who knows where education and other upheavals/technologies will take us? :)

Investing in Gold

5:29 AM Saturday, April 09, 2011

With the inflation nowadays, it's really kinda stupid to just keep your savings/money in a bank. Even if it was put on time deposit. The interest is just not enough to cover the money value lost due to inflation. Unless you're investing in, I don't know, the Australian dollar and Chinese Yuan? Or maybe delving into mutual funds.

Enter investments in precious metals like jewelry and IRA gold. I think they also have gold 401k accounts in the US, which supposedly yield more for the same level of investment.

So, I guess when my sister starts earning regularly, I will ask her to look into 401k gold investments so that by the time she retires, she can maybe have a bigger resort made than our uncle, who has recently cashed in his 401k returns.

Or at least, she'd just really be comfortable in old age.

Top Chef Masters, Season 1 and 2

2:34 PM Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I have just recently finished watching the first two seasons of Top Chef Masters. Gave my husband a challenge because there weren't enough people seeding the episodes... but yeah, he found a way to get me each one of them.

My fave for Season One was Hubert Keller. He's just so sweet and dignified, gentle and calm. So, it was really a bummer that he got the lowest scores in the finale. Then again, even if I haven't really tasted it, I also think truffles are overrated.

My fave for Season Two is Susur Lee, mostly because he's Asian. Same reason I was also rooting for Anita Lo from the first season (but I think, she just really went downhill after winning one of the elimination rounds). Again, a bummer that he got the lowest scores in the finale, haha.

I loved Season One because I think most of the contestants there were really dignified... except the batch with Ludo Lefebvre (though, he's really, really yummy!). They exuded the Masters aura :)

But the challenges for Season Two were really tougher. I couldn't sit still, considering the season has ended!

And now... I am looking forward to Season Three, which premieres tonight! I will miss Kelly Choi though (and her stylist's preference to dress her in shades of red and purple).

Now... hopefully, hubs can also finish downloading Top Chef Just Desserts too.