the one who first touched miau...

4:02 PM Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MIAU is the name of my pu$$y.

And the first man to cup/touch it is someone I do not know.

I have forgotten the tale... and only recently managed to remember it to tell my hubs of the sad, bad experience.

I was in 3rd year high school. PCS was situated smack dab in a market place... my friend and I were walking home after class. The man passed me, going in the opposite direction, and just cupped/grabbed my MIAU thru my skirt.

I couldn't have confused it being accidental because he had the temerity to whisper, "Ang sarap mong kan**tin".

Down fell my books and bags as I go into a state of shock. My friend asked what happened and I managed to peep it out, after which she started shouting mean things at the guy (who kept turning to look at our reaction to what he did). Schoolmates about started staring as I remained still, just totally shocked.

What i couldn't understand then was the fact that it happened when I was wearing a school uniform. I felt so underserving of the 'pambabastos' because I wasn't wearing and doing anything to provoke something like that...

Proof that there is something wrong in my (or girls, in general) indoctrination/enculturation, since my first reaction was to ask "did i deserve to be treated that way?"

I was accompanied home, shaking and quivering over the violation, by my friend.

And no, now I am empowered enough to know that such men don't need provocation at all. But am I empowered enough to do something if I find someone masturbating beside me in a jeep?

I can't say for sure.

And I know i'd be hard-pressed not to feel dirty and shamed and ashamed and violated and shocked all over again.

Changes to Spice Up your Sex Life

4:19 PM Thursday, August 23, 2007

I have unwittingly found myself a member of a ygroups, whose objective is to provide a support system for those dealing with PCOS and infertility.

In the midst of all the ranting about arduous work-ups and disappointing results and news of other people getting pregnant... I kidded my sisters that I could at least help them in spicing up their sex lives, so that sex wouldn't be routine, given that their goal is to reproduce.

Anyway, I typed the following up for them... basic tips really to help them make making babies more fun :) I'll try to edit/modify as much as I can to make it sound more coherent and concise... but do remember that I am a lazy, pregnant, moody woman right now and what you;d read may be as good as it gets :)


anyway... you don't HAVE TO find yourself in THESE positions kasi feeling ko yung iba, maghahanap ka lang ng sakit ng katawan eh :D

tapos... granting that your hubby doesn't have any problems at all with sperm count and motility (although if you want, insist on him wearing boxers a week or two before your fertile phase, wala naman mawawala eh)... the focus should be on YOUR (the woman's) orgasm (kasi there are those who believe that it's very important in
creating this overall conducive environment for reproduction to take place)

tapos... granting that you married your sexual counterpart (at least, pareho kayo ng attitude towards sex), focus on the little things that you CAN modify and get that extra feeling of naughtiness and kinkiness

so ano-ano lang ba yun?

they say that the best positions for reproduction are still the missionary, doggie and woman on top (pag mababa din daw matres mo)... so syempre let's stick to these na lang... but you can spice it up by angling one extremity a certain way... you can combine face-to-face coitus with woman on top by actually lying on top of your hubs and making kinda ipit his pecker and grinding your pelvis on his (it can be a little painful for you, and yet really pleasurable din)... kung doggie naman, have your partner na parang naka-bend yung isang knee while the other parang tatayo na sya (yung nakaapak sa kama yung talampakan? basta this offers more support for him). that way pareho kayong asa kama... kung yun ang usual, eh di bend on all fours naman near the edge of the he can actually stand on the floor... kung woman on top and malakas-lakas ang thigh/leg muscles mo, sit on top of him... dont extend your legs forward but rather squat talaga on top of him and then move up and down (well ok fine, guys love this one more!)... kung missionary naman, yun nga, have your legs on his shoulders... or do that scissor thing while he pumps (actually sya dapat gagawa nun, iko-cross and uncross nya yung legs mo that are extended up as he pumps)

if you want to remain in the house, use the dining table instead... or the vanity table... or the floor... or the wall... this August 27 ata, Mars will be brightest daw (?)... so do it in your yard, garage or by the window where you can see the skies... If you have the moolah, check into your old motel haunts... a really sleazy-looking one (dyan sa may U Belt)... or a 3-star hotel...or a really swanky hotel... or really go on a conceptionmoon nga :D go away!!!

watch steamy videos first... get massages first... listen to erotica together... read erotica to each other... touch each other in ways you've never done before... feed aphrodisiacs to each other... heck, even watching games (as in basketball), playing games (Wii, PSP etc) or engaging in debates can turn us on and give us a high... even exercising together can do that...

even the horniest of couples fall into a routine din :) so try different ways to initiate it... use DIY-coupons... use the fishbowl technique in determining w/c things you'd do next... use a love dice if you want :) bathe each other first... or don't go showering at all... let him start from your toes... start w/ a massage... etc... have him striptease for you... give him a lap dance first... arrange w/ hubs first that you'd be prolonging the foreplay this time... or alang foreplay at all...

you can also build up the anticipation by engaging in sexual activities without totally going all the way before it's time... like, ust touching each other the whole night one night, then just kissing lips-to-lips one other night, then kissing every inch of the body another night, etc... until the day you're supposed to really engage in coitus

you don't have to be using hardcore dildos and vibes... but a clit vibe (P400 lang sa Pride Exchange dyan sa may Nakpil) could do wonders while he's pumping and using it on you (lalo na if he's tamad or not always in-the-know where the clit is)... blindfolds... whipped cream on chests (avoid sweets lang talaga on your nether
regions... avoid infection pls, as bacteria thrives in moist, sugary places, wehehe), honey, wine, ropes (as in tie him up sa chair before sitting on him)... use pillows to your advantage... use feather boas... use your favorite stuffed toy... use silk hankies... use leather belts

ehem ehem... role playing games po at hindi papalitan talaga si hubs :D Pretend you're the maid and he's the amo...or you're the boss and he's the driver... converse as if you're having an affair... converse as if it's your first time... etc. If you want, wear outfits... like old uniforms na kasya pa... explore your
fetishes and fantasies together... pretend to be a sex worker if you want (and get him to pay din, like P100 for every button popped, P500 for every clothing removed... aba, the ecstasy of more shopping money might contribute to the orgasms)

Opkors... some changes, you may want to discuss w/ your partner first... who might not be too keen on seeing you with a belt on your hand :)

Even if you're not TTC (trying to conceive), these are just simple things to keep in mind to keep the flame burning... and bond you and hubs closer together... You know yourself and your partner best... just start with baby steps... don't do anything you're not too comfy with, and be realistic (not everyone gets turned on by really dirty talk) and flexible (if two pillows under your butt isn't for you, say so and
improvise) and don't forget to have fun :)

Send this e-mail to hubs :D Kasi he has to be pleasing you... and a woman is more likely to be multiple orgasmic if she's been primed all day :)

a call to arms

6:57 PM Monday, August 20, 2007

I am guilty of not having the best of attitudes... I once had the shameful experience of being scared to be mistaken as a domestic helper when I went to Hongkong several years ago... I make the usual jokes about dads coming home from Saudi with 'hepatitis' (because of being laden with gold jewelries), etc.

I am still a work in progress... I know.

But I am a product of an OFW father... and part of my perpetual issues with them (my parents) now is a childhood deprived of their company. Which is why I think I also grew up with a certain amount of respect for OFWs in general, and seamen in particular. I simply cannot deny the sacrifice they make, having suffered from it, and having enjoyed its rewards.

And so, when Wowowee shot an episode in the US, where OFW contestants shared their stories and appealed to their families to spend the money they send wisely... I cried. I cried for the old mothers still slaving in nursing homes just to help their grown-up children support their families (their grandchildren). I cried for those who haven't gone home for years to save the money instead, and send it back here to support hospitalization, education, housing, etc of various family members.

My parents have migrated in the U.S. and constantly share with me the many hardships they've had to deal with there... just to support Py's hospitalization before, my sister's education, and save for their own home and car there in preparation for my sister settling there, and my brother being petitioned too...

And so I feel for OFWs... and I constantly pray that those left behind will practice much prudence in spending the hard-earned money sent their way...

The government has said it again and again... OFWs are our modern heroes. Without them, the Philippine economy will be no more.

Which brings me to Malu Fernandez, her articles written in very poor taste, and bloggers everywhere uniting to get Manila Standard and People Asia Magazine to issue apologies for publishing her articles and fire her.

Just follow the links... and if you have the time, e-mail the many addresses provided for various people/media to appeal this cause. This is but just a very little thing to do for our OFWs, who deserve our gratitude and protection, in exchange for the dollar remittances that essentially keep our economy alive. No one, not even the rich, should be allowed to malign these people...

(Oh, you'd also find that this Malu Fernandez has had to suffer from weight-related problems all her life... a pity really that I couldn't feel sorry for her after finding out about it, because it seems she never learned compassion, humility and humanity)

crossing thresholds

4:57 PM Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Becoming a Mom is not the only threshold i'd be crossing this year. I'd also be leaving the comforts (covenience and familiarity) of my job of 7.5 years.

I can rant about working for the government, and maybe even spill the beans about how corrupt things can really be inside... I can complain about the bureacracy and the redundant tasks and the pointless undertakings...

But since it's a job that allowed me to have a life (have relationships, enjoy friends, experience holidays, go travelling, have family time, etc), I can't really complain now, can I?

Soon... i'll be joining the unemployed.

Soon... i'll have to muster humility since I won't be earning my keep anymore.

Soon... i'll have to face the challenge of pursuing my dreams, the things I really wanted to do, the things that I may be good at.

Soon... i'll have to be brave and risk failure.

Soon... i'll be reborn and become someone new... someone better I hope :)

(yes... in all honesty, I just really don't know what else to blog about)

hell hath no fury...

11:09 AM Thursday, August 09, 2007

... like a disappointed pregnant woman.

I know i've always been emotional.

I know i've always been outspoken.

I know i've always been short-tempered.

I know i've always been intolerant.

I know i've always been weepy.

But lately... i've just really been more so, and worse, it's my family i'm picking on.

I haven't been this confrontational with my parents... or husband... or siblings. Mom is being a lot patient eventhough i'm sure she's reeling from one critical e-mail after another. I don't think my Dad is going to speak to me when he comes home this September. I'm not in good terms with my cousin. And i'm close to giving my husband an ultimatum.

I'm not fighting with any of them just for the sake of some drama... it's more like, things i've always been patient/understanding enough about (but have been unresolved issues for years) just really get to me. And i'd rather tell them what I think and feel about it, even tell them they're wrong, than sit on the matter and be patient and understanding some more.

It's a good thing really that hubs still loves me to pieces because at the rate am going, i'd really have no other family to speak of once i've given birth but ours :)

But there's also no going back... i've had enough!

the way of the rope

1:13 PM Friday, August 03, 2007

WHAT: An introduction to Shibari (also more commonly known as bondage, or the art of rope tying) by Sensei Shinobi73

photo supplied by Shinobi
An introductory lecture and a live demonstration on the application of the traditional art of Japanese rope bondage.

WHEN: 25th day of August 2007, Session starts promptly at 7:00 pm

WHERE: Robinson’s Apartelle along EDSA

FEE: P600.00 per person - to cover the refreshments (just chips and drinks - no alcohol), the place, the models and the materials needed for the presentation

for more details, contact tetsubo73 @ :) The event will be limited to a number of slots to make sure that as many of your questions will be answered...

you don't have to have experience already with shibari or bondage. Curious people are welcome. Perverted ones are not, of course :)