For Mistresses and Wanna-Be's

1:39 AM Monday, October 27, 2008

No, am not going to pick fights or pass judgment really (at least, I hope not).

But just in case you're forgetting...

My SIL, in a DVD marathon, had us watch John Lloyd and Sarah Geronimo's flick (A Very Special Love? not sure of the title). Anyway, John Lloyd's character had a line that went something like this:

"Hindi mo alam kung ano ang pakiramdam kapag tinitingnan ka ng mga kapatid mo at ang tanging nakikita lang nila ay ang kasalanan ng nanay mo sa nanay nila."

(You don't know how it feels to have your siblings look at you and only see your mother's sin against their mother)

It may be a stupid or too ideal a plea... but I really hope that men and women alike who would choose to play second fiddle (regardless of how loveless the marriage is supposed to be) and men and women alike who would choose to betray their spouses/vows would also make sure the affair won't result in a child. Or children. Ever.

We've heard of parents wanting half-siblings to play nice and I honestly want to wring their necks for it. And I can't imagine why someone would purposely put any child of his in a position where he'd have to forever defend and fight for his name and legacy (material or otherwise) when it wasn't even his betrayal that brought him about.

These things get to me. I really hate it that other parents don't give their kids a better start on the road to happiness and love.

Destiny KTV

2:20 PM Saturday, October 18, 2008

Destiny KTV (channel 5 for us) can't help but give me the creeps sometimes. It doesn't stop me from going there though, because it helps with lulling my son to sleep. But I can't help but also get absorbed by all the 'ads' being placed there.

I called my husband's attention to it... lots of men sending their topless pics and giving away their cell number while specifically requesting for "cute, bi males". Some girls specifically request for men with cars. All advertise that they're cute, pretty, good-looking (and although i've seen some cute-looking folks there, I still highly doubt it that they're all really as cute as they think, or sell, themselves to be). Some men would say, "single women only, single mothers welcome". Some will determine an age bracket, or a location. Most demand a nasl (name, age, sex, location) and a picture via MMS. Some say they won't reply if no FS is provided (my dear sister told me that stands for friendster, sheesh).

I still haven't quite worked out what 'bottom' or 'top' is, if it's limited to same-sex relationships and if it implies a butch-femme type of role.

When I told hubs that one can see fetishes there too, like men asking for chubby girls, he was a little jaded. He reckons its only because these guys know that a chubby girl would be insecure and would be more eager to please. He said the same thing about those entertaining single moms.

Which brings me to those looking for "open-minded" girls... (men used to private message me before asking me if I was one, and i'd always ask them to qualify the term because based on my experience, men have generally assumed open-minded to mean into-casual-sex).

What's creepy, then?

Well, I just can't help but think that things will only get worse in time... socially, sexually. Younger and younger (and more) people will be on the net looking for quick and 'open' relationships. Didn't like this one who texted you? Move on to the next one. This one didn't reply fast enough? Move on to the next one. His car is an older model? Move on to the next one.

Not only are kids growing up bored and restless, they are also growing up warped.

And I know I may sound like a hypocrite, having 'met' my husband from chat... but the thing is, I never sought to hook up with anyone from the net. And our courtship lasted for years.

But yeah, I guess, who knows... these people could find a true gem amidst all these bullsh!t.

Belated Birthday Pics

3:05 PM Thursday, October 16, 2008

my Alex Franco cake (chocolate and walnut caramel with
chocolate mousse and frozen mango fillings)

shrimps and crabs in sweet chili sauce at Aling Tonya's
(Seaside Macapagal)

family after bingeing on seafood

What Happened to the Amazing Race?

9:59 AM Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Season 13 already of the Amazing Race and I don't know but it seems lame and boring all of a sudden. The first episode was absolutely blah and they didn't seem to have much in the way of challenges then.

And it sucks that the only team I really like, Mark and Bill's, have been eliminated.

What sucks even more is that Bill reminds me of someone (I just remembered who) and evokes these crushie feelings from moi. Yikes.

Boobs for a Cause

12:04 PM Monday, October 06, 2008

JMom gave me the heads up on this one...

There's a boobie-thon going on where women (and men) are encouraged to send pictures of their breasts to be posted in their site. Nude ones are put in a pay-per-donate gallery. Of course, you can just donate money to the cause.

This benefits breast cancer research. So get creative and start flashing for a good cause! :)

I am not biased at all when I say that my son can be charming. He is and he knows it. So it's not just because my parents love their grandson so much, he also gives them a lot of reasons to really find him cute.

And for the moment, my heart is rejoicing at those moments that my son terrorizes my Mom (mostly because he's so LIKOT and she's so NERBYOS) and he demands my father's attention. And I guess it's partly because he senses we're comfy with these new people and also because he can't help but sense they're family that he's adjusted to them in a heartbeat. My son even insists on being carried by my Dad (after which he'd start pointing to where he wants Grandpa to bring him, which is mostly outside) and allows both to feed him. He's that comfy with them.

And I see my parents' delight in him... their own wonderment at how fast he progresses. I've even told the others not to corect my Dad anymore because he thinks he taught my son the "hala/no" sign.

Its moments like these that I dreamed of before... that I long for when they're away. I'm really glad they're both making an effort now to hang around and enjoy their grandkids. I'm really happy that, in the meantime, my parents and my child are making each other happy.

Somehow, there is healing and forgiveness when different generations collide and bond. And a renewed sense of family.

And now, I love them all the more.

My Birthday... Almost

2:10 AM Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just some 22 hours away and i'll be 31.

Husband has complained somewhat that I haven't named what I want for a birthday gift yet. But that's the thing. Like what I told a friend earlier, either I am that happy/content where I am right now or i've just gotten less materialistic and superficial. Because I really couldn't ask for more.

I mean... I want savings, but that's not something you ask for, that's something for you to do (master self-control over spending and modify comfort levels).

And always, I wouldn't mind travelling someplace new.

And sure, there are newer, smaller, faster laptops out there that could probably make me clap my hands... but my desktop and secondhand-laptop already delivers. And even hand-me-down external hard drives from the hubs are working just fine and feeding my neurotic need to back-up my files.

And yes, I wouldn't say NO to new lenses for my DSLR... but i've been told that the kit lens is all I really need once i've mastered the features of my DSLR.

Well, I wouldn't say NO to a lot of things... but I don't miss them. I am not living without. In fact, I am feeling more than grateful for the much that I do have. And not just materially...

I'm turning 31, which is really just a number.

I am happy, which is really something not everybody can say and mean it.

I'm the Queen of the world, then :)