Run United 1 for 2011 Blogger Event

1:30 PM Friday, February 25, 2011

This blog post is soooo long overdue, haha.

I attended a blogger event for Run United 1 for 2011 by Unilab at Borough at the Podium last January 31, 2011. Yes, I know... almost a month to the date, eh?

Anyway, it was a blogcon for the Run happening on March 06, 2011 at the Fort. Registration is finished already but everybody is welcome to the Unilab ActiveHealth Village for free consultations and even games :)

2nd floor of Borough

Dennis, Unilab's official photographer

Maqui registering for the event on an iPad

partaking of the spicy chicken stuff they served

with bloggers Mauie and Julie

us again with Maqui (Mauie's son) and Leirs

me with friends and Rio

* the last 4 photos are courtesy of Dennis/Unilab

I really hope to at least be at the Unilab ActiveHealth Village and also get to cheer hubby for once. See you all there!!!

From 190+ to 140+ Pounds

5:29 PM Thursday, February 24, 2011

That's around fifty pounds lost, right? :)

Thank God nobody believed it when I was pushing 200 lbs. back in October-Novemeber... and that people see me as relatively slim now even if I'm still overweight :)

But I have committed a crime to my body... I'm still not exercising even if the varicose veins issue has resolved itself on its own. How can I look magnificently toned at my ninang duties at a wedding in June?


I shouldn't be just enjoying this body... I should be taking care of it and maintaining it.

Some 15 pounds more before I am a healthy weight again!

(oh and yeah, am loving the appreciation I get from strangers, bwahahaha)

What is Valentines Without Chocolates? Not a great Valentines, that is.

Anyway, am just happy though that hubby picked up on my hint. You see, I recently discovered Lindt's Lindor bars and loved, loved, loved the white one. It took me back to the time when I can still enjoy Cadbury Dream Eggs (and hubs had to get that from Singapore pa!).

The filling is just sooo divine!

Hubs got the assorted pack though, not the bar. Well, I guess I can now try the other flavors :)

And I do have 3 white Toblerones.