on the political goings-on

7:47 PM Friday, February 29, 2008

Education matters. Or intelligence. Or the strength of your err... connections. Or one's tenacity.

Erap was not a smart President. Some would even say he was a bumbling idiot who spent his Presidency days gambling and womanizing with fellow gamblers and womanizers. Yes, he was not exactly the most competent President to have been elected and his biggest flaw was that he was living in sin.

Our current President was well-educated and is well-connected. I guess one can say she also had a good career to be deemed competent. But whispers of corruption has been her career's twin, in the person of her husband. And now, push has come to shove so she sold out her cronies and is currently using some Executive Right (that experts say is no longer acknowledged) to keep quiet.

But she is intelligent. They say she (or her term) was massively corrupt in the past years in preparation for her stepping down in the 2010 elections, and that these remaining years will be spent on cover-ups and tidying up. Unfotunately, she had to be greedy one last time... with the ZTE deal.

As a fellow woman, she does not make me proud. As a woman, the only very womanly thing she's really done is to establish walls of exaggerated security around her. She's scared, for sure, so she keeps sending troops wherever in the merest hint of a rally.

But now, the people are finally awake... and there's real people power in the streets. Even different Churches have come together.

It was so easy to oust Erap because he was a puppet by so many people in power with vested interests. But I don't think it would be that easy to oust GMA, who willfully worked to be in power. After all, she has paid her dues well in the military (Marcos was only deposed when the military changed loyalties, right? But that's not to undermine the REAL People Power displayed then).

nd I cannot help but feel disappointment for my fellowmen, who were offended by Erap's womanizing and gambling but not by GMA's corruption. At least, it wasn't the people's money that made Erap richer. No one is forced to gamble anyway. But a lot of people are forced to pay taxes. And a lot of government projects didn't bring any good to the intended, and only made a few pockets heavier.

I admit to much ambivalence and detachment from this whole circus. But I am hoping, at least, that whatever happens will be another step towards the brighter future we Filipinos are all dreaming of.

mortaging the home

11:36 PM Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friends in London hve recently bought a new home two hours from the city because my friend's job is nearer there and her husband works from home anyway. To finance the purchase, they dipped into their savings and put a mortgage on their old home, which they are now having rented by college students.

UK mortgages are now a tricky deal, with lenders not only looking at one's gross salary but also looking into one's bank statements, credit card billings (to check spending habits?) and personal loans.

She says that if people are wise about money, mortgages can even be their friend. It can help send kids to school or finance major investments such as a new home and it will provide the necessary challenge to keep a tight and careful hold on the fmily budget. It should provide all the incentive to spend money wisely and the reward of being able to afford really wonderful things, like an education or a family business.

If you're looking for a waste of TV slot, watch 'The Sweet Life' hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez and Wilma Doesn't.

Both can't host for sh!t. Both have problems reading from the prompter. Lucy's eyes also distract sometimes. And she's still as tuod as ever.

She is beautiful and classy, no question about that. I am also sure she really is smart and caring and a wonderful wife and mother. But again, she can't host for sh!t. She's boring, sad, totally not stimulating, I sometimes even don't get her humor. She usually reminds you of a babbling corpse. It's also evident how pampered and sheltered a life she lived.

Wilma is slightly better, at least she seems alive. But she also seems like a clown hired to make Lucy more luminous. I know that the network probably aimed for just this juxtaposition of black and white, bred and crass, married and not (unless Wilma is, I really don't know), princess and slave.

And I really don't get why they'd invite supposed authorities but just talk to that guest for one segment of the show. And I also don't know where they got the writers of the show, to come up with really pointless, boring questions.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with their topics... but always, the execution of each episode is sad. And a waste of TV time.

If am so disappointed by this no-good show, how come I seem to be watching it? I blame it on Destiny Cable which doesn't have Star World so we have to watch American Idol on QTV... and AI is always sandwiched between The Sweet Life and Moms (another equally bad show, but maybe it's GMA's way of making their stars feel important and busy).

In cash emergencies, what do you do?

Do you borrow money from a co-worker? Or your boss? Do you appeal to your friends' kindness or knock on your neighbor's door? Do you dip in your savings or cut back on groceries and utilities?

But have you ever thought of applying for a payday loan?

Payday loans and cash advances are loans you apply for using your future paycheck as collateral. It is intended to cover unforeseen events like emergencies which can run the gamut of accidents, mall sales, sudden repairs required, hospitalization, an expected payment that didn't make it, or a sale that did not push through.

Theperfectcashadvance.com has tapped onto the growing market for this type of loans as a preferred method of payment. Since it is easy to apply for, if you have a steady job and at least 18 years old (and a bank account that's direct-deposit enabled), a lot of people find payday loans very convenient to tide them over. In Theperfectcashadvance.com, you just basically go online, properly fill up the cash form, wait for the approval and if it is, withdraw the funds the following business day.

It is that easy. And you can be assured that all transactions in the site are safe. And you can breathe more easily now knowing that there is help when you need it.

Pyro and Yakee

11:00 PM Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Both were born via C-section. Pyro was breech with one foot and hand up, so my SIL's labor did not progress. Yakee was not breech but he didn't get in position, my cervix remained closed and I was not even having contractions at 40 weeks.

I didn't see Py born. I delivered Yakee and got to kiss him within minutes.

I first saw Py through the window of the nursery and was chagrined that he looked like my father. A lot.

Yakee was the spitting image of his father when he was born.

I didn't see Py again till they moved in with us... he's around 1-2 months old then. Yakee was sleeping with me from day 1 because we roomed him in.

Py seldom cried and didn't seem to get hungry. Yakee was colic for a while and nursed every 2 hours. Both had strong bones though, evidenced by their early neck control and ability to sit and stand (with support). Both 'talked' early too, vocalizing and whining and shrieking, you'd think they were girls.

Both had smiles that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

Both are great loves of my life.

But Py had always been thin, while Yakee is the picture of health from the beginning. Sometimes, I can't help but feel an irrational guilt that my son is healthy while others, like Py, are not.

Maybe because Yakee is purely breastfed and Py was not.

Py was very intelligent, however, and I hope Yakee will be too.

Py grew up with me documenting his development using my camera. Yakee is growing up under the glare of at least two digicams, three cam phones and one videocam.

I bought Py's yellow comforter but I couldn't find an equally-nice one for Yakee.

I only changed Py's diaper once while I am as familiar with Yakee's tush as I am with my hands. I think I also only fed Py once. Our household then didn't trust me alone with him. But I am totally, naturally, in-charge of Yakee.

When my son was still an infant and preferred sleeping prone, I lay awake those nights just watching him breathe, because I was scared of SIDS. But with Py, there was only that one night when I didn't dare sleep, scared that he'd get another allergic reaction from his chemotherapy drug.

I miss Py. I think i'm missing him more now because my son is interacting more now. And always, there is that faraway cloud hovering over my son's future inside me, scared that he might get sick like his cousin. And then there is sadness, that soon, Yakee will be doing more than Py ever did... enjoying more than Py got to.


I once said here that I loved Py first. But he's not anymore the only one I love best.

And I know that it's okay.

I just really wish I can love them together... but maybe it's enough that I love them forever.

Digiscrapping has led me to get digital pictures printed. I am especially obssessed with printing and digiscrapping pictures now because of my son! Sometimes, i'd get professional photo developers to print the pictures for me, especially if am printing tons of them. See, I also have this bad habit (on my side, because it costs me) of making copies for my nieces and nephews, for my in-laws, for my parents... but seldom any for us.

Sometimes, i'd also print the pictures at home. After all, we have a wonderful Canon printer and photo paper isn't that expensive anymore. But ink... this is the expensive one. Good thing there are shops offering toner cartridges for less. Printing pictures at home require high-quality ink so your printer won't suffer and the pictures will turn out as good as the ones printed in photo centers.

It's not just pictures too. I also print cards because I now make them myself. My pregnancy announcement cards were all printed by me using my card stock collection and new ink cartridges bought by hubs.

My friends abroad get their inkjet cartridges from inkers.biz because delivery is sure to happen within 2-3 days from ordering and it offers guarantees against defect for one full year. They also offer a thirty-day no questions asked return policy which I really wish for the ink shops here to also offer.

I wonder too if there are already ink shops here which I can order from online and offers free shipping within the city. Hmmm...

Bloggerwave is another of those paid blogging services offering opportunities to bloggers for some additional income doing what they love, and connecting them with advertisers who need reviews or buzz for their sites or products.

Earning money through one's blog/s is a lucrative industry right now and bloggers investing on all those paid posts and reviews need trustworthy sites to screen the legit advertisers for them. Bloggerwave does that and promises to keep improving their services.

A cousin of mine bought his sister-in-law's old PC. From what I know, he couldn't even pay for it upfront (sold, I think, at only P5k or less) but his SIL was okay with staggered payments.

Two or three weeks after the purchase, he texted me inquiring about internet subscriptions, saying he's thinking of getting one. I asked him if he wants to go into business with his one PC (in our barrio in Lipa, he can still probably earn off it somehow). He said he's not going into business and the internet would only be for their personal use.

And then he asked how much webcams cost because he wants to chat with his Mom and brother in the US (the ones whose petitions were approved last in my father's family).

I told him it would just be a waste of money since his Mom and brother don't know how to use a computer and would have to pay for internet services from their own pockets.

Around three days after that, my cousin was already online using Smart Broadband.

To his credit, his brother in the US has already bought a laptop. But they don't have internet yet. And said brother is going back to the Philippines this May. So I really still don't get any practical use for the internet subscription (but at least, if ever I'm in Lipa, I could net away still, no?) contracted for one year.

I really doubt their Mom will ever learn to be computer-savvy. So even if he only wants to broadcast his kids so their grandmother could see them, I doubt that will happen.

Or it will... but only once in a while, when my aunt is at my uncle's (where my sister chats with me).

Now, how am I bad?

I'm bad because I somehow feel that my cousin has no right to this technology. But that's not even true. I am just deeply offended, all the time, by adults who depend on others to finance their living requirements as well as their kapritsos.

Because this cousin of mine is a college dropout who stays home to watch the kids while his wife works. And their mother is working hard in the US so that she can support her grandchildren (she's my aunt who has three useless sons). Who will pay for the internet subscription? My aunt of course! I did say my cousin couldn't pay for the computer yet, did I not?

P999 a month could have bought more milk and healthier food for his kids... or paid for their utilities... or gone into their savings. But no, because the world is internet-savvy, he has to jump on the friendster bandwagon too.


This feeling am feeling is also the feeling I feel when I see my brother carting around different gadgets, albeit secondhand, when he can't even give his wife money to buy vitamins for her pregnancy.

I may be bad, but really... I don't think anyone has a right to luxuries when they can't even put food on the table. That's just wrong.

And I shall stop now lest I begin ranting about the freeloaders of this world.

is heidi klum for real?

10:01 PM Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heidi Klum.

Can you think of a more beautiful woman?

She's a supermodel and yet she seems so grounded. And have you seen her body at that Victoria's Secret fashion show where she strutted her stuff just three months after giving birth?

And she seems to love being married, and has had kids almost every 1.5 years at the peak of her career. At her guesting in the Jay Leno show, she kept talking about her husband and cooking omelette for him and how they had fun at Disneyland (or some other similar kiddie stomping ground).

And I know Seal is a very talented musician but there is no denying that his face leaves much to be desired. And yet, pretty Heidi can look past that and sound giddy all the time she's talking about him.

Ugh. I so adore her!

Yes, this is my roundabout way of saying I am hooked on Project Runway too :D

I am. A life insurance was my first Christmas gift to myself when I started working. Either I was that aware or I was that insecure.

But really, one should always protect oneself. In this country of bad economy, it isn't enough that you pay your SSS, GSIS, Philhealth and Pag-Ibig dues. Although they are helpful, they cannot really sustain you for extended periods of trying times.

Now that I have a family of my own, I can fully appreciate why my colleagues were hounding the Management of my former company for some Employee Benefit Package.

And now that i've quit my job, I am really hard at work researching family insurance or a life insurance no exam deal so we can start investing on a good one for the family. It's not just having a back-up plan for when one of us dies (which reminds me, we still have got to get a funeral services and memorial plan) but it's also about having a retirement plan for when we're old and wrinkled and gray and stooped and barely coherent.

are you farty?

9:50 PM Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm not a farty person. I was constipated most of my childhood though, but still, I wasn't farty.

But I did notice myself farting more when I gained weight and stopped being slim.

And when I got pregnant, I was actually scared that i'd end up farty... like some of my friends. Well, I wasn't during the first and second trimester but I was a burp machine. Come third trimester, air was escaping from all of my orifices.


Now that i've already given birth... i've been farting less. Maybe in a month or two, i'd be back to my usual number of farts (I don't know how many exactly, but just enough for me not to notice that am passing gas). Hopefully.

Maybe it helps that I don't like garlic? Never have, never will.

And why did I blog about this? Nothing really... just contemplated on it a little since my boy can laugh and fart at the same time, cry and fart at the same time, shriek and fart at the same time... anything and fart at the same time, really.

quick note to self

4:28 AM Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blog and bloghop all you want but you must complete all your requirements for your masteral applications this week.

Not doing so would depress you and further make you doubt your potential. Remember, you need not be intimidated of anything. You'll be studying to learn, so don't expect to be learned already.

If you're going to be scared, fine... but don't let your fears stop you from moving forward and doing this. Quake with fear all you want but finish that application essay and give everything your best shot.

photohunt: wooden

6:28 PM Saturday, February 23, 2008

Arevalo resthouse, Marinduque

This picture was actually taken by my husband, when I was sleeping off all the wedding stress away. Because we spent for our wedding, we only had enough money to honeymoon at their resthouse in Marinduque.

The house is a very beautiful one built using coco lumber. The wooden slats around the verandah were especially ordered, it's very simple but adds to the romantic feel of the house.

And all around the property were molave trees.

Valentine month is probably the only time in a year when men all over the world send flowers to women.

Red roses are the usual, with red suggesting love, passion and romance. Of course, some women are opting for pastel-colored roses... while some men want to impress with exotic blue ones.

I personally prefer gerberas, because they look happy. Take note, I wasn't a flower person till I fell really, truly in love.

Anyway, May is still two months away but it's the only time when men and women alike send flowers to so many important, beloved women: their mothers. I know some hate the commercialization these occasions have turned into but if people have to be reminded to appreciate what their mothers have done for them, why not?

For ideas, check VogueFlowers.com (where I got the pretty picture).

discovery channel - the magazine

7:51 PM Friday, February 22, 2008

I received an offer to subscribe to Discovery Channel Magazine today. They got my details from my subscription to Readers Digest Asia.

I am very much tempted... mainly because I grew up loving encyclopedias and reading about scientists and inventions. I even used the word 'esophagus' for name-calling, much to my playmates' annoyance, and not because they knew what it was. And I was only in Grade 3 then.

The subscription is less than P1.5k and I can even argue that it would be very useful to entice my kid with so that he'll grow up intelligent, curious and aware. But who am I kidding? My son is only four months old.

Tsk. It's a very good magazine to subscribe in but it's still additional expense I can't justify. Sigh.


One trivia I learned from watching the Discovery Channel while I was pregnant... that the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, though not the most destructive, managed to affect the global climate by making the Earth's surface cooler for two years. Just because of the amount of ash it emitted!

Err... should I take pride in this fact? Hehe.

SnagAJob.com is like a virtual shopping mall of hourly jobs – and they’ve got tons of jobs you would never even find in a real mall.

SnagAJob.com features restaurant jobs, call center jobs, auto technician jobs and positions in a ton of other great industries. Best of all, it’s a cinch to find new gigs on this online job board. All you have to do is visit SnagAJob.com, register for free and enter your ZIP code. Then click and apply for the jobs you want. Heck, you can find a job without ever leaving your home. That not only saves you money, you can also better use the time you save in coming up with better resumes, application letters and essays.

So what are you waiting for? Help yourself to a job now!

Tagged Red

6:20 PM Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tagged by Mari and yes, after ten years, am fnally on it :D

This picture was taken last year (August) at our amang kasal's 25th wedding renewal held at the Makati Shangri-la.

I was hassled very much in finding an outfit to wear to the formal affair since I was around eight months pregnant already... good thing I found this stretchable and crocheted dress in SM. The swarovski-studded head band my sister wore for my wedding proved a very flexible hairpiece. I Believe I also used the earrings I wore on my wedding for this event.

Oh and I did not dare wear heels, esply given the difficulties I had during my first trimester.

And I think am already babbling... and dngerously close to reminiscing about my wedding... and my pregnancy... so I shall stop now.

And not tagging anyone anymore since i'm too busy to bloghop right now.

online casino listing

8:58 PM Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Before you commit to an online casino site, better take the time first to drop by a review site like Online Casino List. Not only does it list all the casino sites that are really worth investing your time and money on, it also offers detailed casino reviews which can result in greater enjoyment for you.

Another great feature is that editor and user ratings are prominently displayed beside the site listing with the maximum bonus and payouts. It is a quick reference that online casino players should not do without.

There is also an online casino FAQ for beginners like me, who do not know the first thing to do, especially, which sites to trust, what to look for and what to expect.

Checking such sites is surely not a waste of time. It may even bring about a more enjoyable time for players. Think of it in terms of the preparation an athlete does before a big game, and with online games, there is also a lot at stake.

blogs help those who help themselves

10:00 PM Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Three cases in point:

1) If you subscribe to Readers Digest Asia, you probably have read about the wandering scribe, who found herself living in her car for months (or over a year). She was homeless and started blogging to reach out to people. And people came with comforting words... and her journey ended in interviews and finally, a book. She is not homeless anymore.

2) And then there's my former gimik bud Vicky, who was adopted and went looking for her parents. She even wrote Cosmo, I think. And she blogged about needing help. And visitors didn't disappoint, her blog ended up reuniting her with her biological mom. It even made the news.

3) And then there was my late nephew Pyro, and friends and strangers alike who took up his cause and blogged about getting him to meet Batista. They did. We did. He was made really happy a month before he died. Can anyone come up with something as priceless a gift?

So... this may be a shot in the dark but if there is some millionaire out there who doesn't care how he spends his millions, and wouldn't really feel or care if he gives some of it away to complete strangers... am just here! I am a SAHM who is generally blessed with a good life, but I seriously wouldn't mind being given some money. I may be a SAHM but that doesn't mean that I don't worry about earning (for my sake) and helping my husband financially (for our family's sake). And it would really be nice not to worry about money and have more time and energy just really enjoying my son's babyhood.

Or just have more disposable cash for massages... :)

I was sharing my anxieties over raising my son to eat healthy with my friends via our e-group and it resulted in many sharings from them. One of them told us how happy she is that her five-year old son isn't fond of sweets and chocolates. She even keeps offering him wine and beer and he'd just say, "Mom, how many times do I have to tell you that I don't want beer?"

Isn't that cute?

Oh, they're in Belgium by the way and as we all know, Europe is big on wine. Same friend even drank red wine during her pregnancy. Red wine is great with meat (like steak) while white wine is great with fish. In mini get-togethers, my friend is sure to serve her favorite Merlot with guests, and then go online when she's happily inebriated to regale us with how many glasses she's had and how bubbly and giggly she is.

Isn't she cute?

So yeah, all her friends know that wine is something she would really delight in as a gift.

student loans

9:32 PM Monday, February 18, 2008

While having dinner with a friend who was based abroad, she expounded so much on how children had more chances of getting educated because there are so many offers of private student loans they can choose from.

Basically, you just have to be motivated and committed to learn and get higher education, to really master a trade or become a professional and the opportunity will be there. There are also many offers for student loan consolidation so that you can save thousands on your debt when you lock everything under the lowest interest rate possible. Student loan consolidation can also be applied for online which is very convenient for students in this day and age.

Isn't this fantastic, especially in this very competitive world where almost every decent-paying job requires a college degree? This scheme also empowers more people and just might be the key to bringing about the positive leadership and economic changes we've all been praying for.

Blogging is big now.

And blogging sometimes pays.

And usually, a blog's success is measured by the traffic it generates. By the number of visits to it. And if you're into paid blogging, by the number of sites that link to it.


I will admit I have jumped onto the pro-blogging world ever since I became a SAHM. But like what I keep saying, I do try to still own every post and personalize every post.

But that's not really what i'm writing about.

I am just slightly put off by people who visit my internet home and leave a comment like "Hi, nice blog, care to exchange links?"

Because i'm not very sure if they actually read anything here. And I can't help but feel that they're just rooting for more links to their site. And after adding them (because actually, I am generous with links even if I don't ask to be linked back), I also doubt that they ever return.

I am not on some righteous trip here... I just really think it's generally improper. I mean, if you were a blog worth returning to, surely it is up to the blog owner to link to you?

But of course, they can always argue that they do return to your blog... but they just lurk. And most probably they do, they just don't leave comments. The only footprints you can follow are what sitemeter or feedjit shows you.

But really, I would rather my blog is read.

And really, I hope to touch people with my thoughts, even if there are commercials sometimes here.

Would it make people ashamed a little if I tell them that I actually visit their blog and leave comments because I actually read posts... or if I can't relate to their crrent slew of thoughts, I at least leave a hello? Seriously!

That's why it takes me a lot of time to bloghop.

(and actually, the link beggars that turn me off a little hop onto my other site)

photohunt: free

1:33 PM Sunday, February 17, 2008

Picture taken at sunset from the Badjao Restaurant, Puerto Princesa

Sunsets are one of those things you can count on. And when the sun sets, not only do you get to realize that you've lived through the day, however bad it went.

The setting sun colors the world differently, and makes it more beautiful and surreal. And this you can enjoy for free, if you just take the time to be still... to appreciate...

It doesn't even matter if you're in some exotic beach somewhere or living in the city. The sun will always set, and it will always be a beautiful site to behold, however cliche that sounds. So make sure to enjoy it.


Oh, and if ever you're a first-time Mom worried about succeeding in breastfeeding, hope this helps. For free :)

One great way to take advantage of the low dollar to peso conversion is to shop online for products abroad that you would otherwise think twice to get.

ShopWiki.com is probably the largest online shopping search engine to get you to the best deals in the net. Be it baby toys and clothes, women's wear, even gadgets. They are now even offering great buys if you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day (make sure to click on the shamrock jewelry link for really cute accessories). They also have Easter products now.

They also offer price comparisons so you can be sure you're getting the things you want at low prices. Nintendo Wii? Xbox 360? Running Shoes? Even bridesmaid clothes and cake toppers, if you're planning a wedding. The site is sure to generate all sites/shops selling these things.

ShopWiki.com makes online shopping easier, wouldn't you agree?

Credit cards are one of those wonderful things we can enjoy in these modern times, something that extends our purchasing power so we can take advantage of more things, or deal with emergencies.

Why use a credit card? For one thing, it is a very convenient way of paying for services and products without having to carry around cash or issue checks. It's especially handy in online transactions which is gaining popularity for every possible endeavor (be it sports, shopping or business).

Some credit cards also offer purchase protection for free, perks when you use it often, rewards when you pay your bills on time, upgrades with affiliate companies, etc.

Of course, it's best to have mastered some degree of financial responsibility and accountability before you apply for a credit card. And it is infinitely wise to get those interest free credit cards.

the problem with relatives...

2:28 PM Friday, February 15, 2008

... is that everything about them is relative.

Sigh. I am finding myself again receiving the brunt of my cousin's topak. And I might not get a massage again because she might not look after my son in the 1-2 hours it takes for me to get that pampering.


And to think I sooo need the massage already.


But it's really a common pitfall when you hire your own relative... everything becomes personal.

Some days, I really can't wait to be out of here.


Oh, if you're around Manila and looking for a masseuse who calls on your own home, e-mail me. My beloved Evelyn is a gem at P300 per session :) But she's usually full on weekends so don't count on her for those days.

I chanced upon CouponChief.com, a site offering all sorts of coupons for all sorts of products.

My eyes immediately widened when I saw discount coupons for Target. Be it furnitures or shoes or cosmetics and fragrances, they have discount coupons for all these! And baby gear too! I have been so hearting a baby gym and booster seat there so I can't help but get excited!

And yes, I know... I am such a Mommy for being more excited over baby stuff than women stuff. So sue me! :)

Seriously though, am sure coupons for kids' stuff will be greatly appreciated by all parents. Which is why CouponChief.com is a great, great site!

casino reviews

8:50 PM Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have been recently posting a lot about online games and casinos since it is pretty big these days with a lot of people I know being into it.

For neophytes who aren't yet sure where to go spend their money while playing the card and slot games they love, online casino review sites can be pretty helpful. Payouts and Ratings can easily be seen, and online casino FAQs studied very well before indulging in games. Such sites will also help players from wasting time, in case they ever get to one that does not offer as many games or as many options. Reading the reviews will not really take that much time and both players and editors (of the site) write the reviews.

For the best online casinos, itis really wise to consult the experts first. Every insider information and tidbit can go a long way in making sure you get maximum fun for your money.

And isn't it great that there is already something in place for you to consult, like an older brother watching your back?

So I skipped passing by the mall when I was going home because I just know i'd scream. I even skipped buying cake earlier because the lines were just long!

I enjoyed my Valentine meryenda (snack) with my former colleagues anyway. Caught up with the office gossip. They're all still trying to get me to return (I think the CSC has provisions for resignees who wanted to go back, something like I have six months to return, as long as my post is still open/vacant), even enticing me with greater moolah possibilities.

Don't worry, my friends, I shall pray for COLA :)

Meanwhile, I will content myself with meryenda visits there every two or three weeks. If I also want a nicer atmosphere for blogging, i'd occupy the conference room that's overlooking the Intramuros golf course. Maybe i'd even join ms. amazing boss in people watching, and be the first to report to the entire office if some lovey-dovey college students are smooching.


Have I greeted everyone a Happy Velentines? :)

* used miscellaneous kits for the hearts

Growing up, have you daydreamed about your honeymoon destination?

I did. I've always vowed that i'd be honeymooning in Greece. Chalk it up to an obsession with Greek mythology and having romanticized Greek philosophers and where civilization supposedly began :)

Heck, I even daydreamed i'd get married on a ship there, at sunrise. That's how big Greece is to me.

Googling Greece led me to Paros Island, found in the Cyclades (a Greek island group composed of some 220 islands in the Aegean Sea) that is perfect for wind and kite surfing. Hotels list their amenities, how many meters exactly from the beach they are, etc for those who are looking for accommodations that will fit their vacation plans.

It would really be a dream come true if I ever find myself in Greece where all those great men lived before, where democracy was thought up.

motels on Valentines

4:38 PM Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I have never actually seen the lines of cars waiting their turn in motels on Valentines Day but i've heard they can be legendary.

The reason for this is that i've never thought of nookie on Valentines. And I really can't imagine why people would suddenly want to make love/have sex rather than go on a romantic date. Or is this like prom night, an ideal day to lose one's virginity... or sleep with your new beau for the first time?

From what I know, some even offer Valentine Promos (I guess you'd have to drive along Pasay or Pasig to check out their banners).

I chanced upon this motel guide which may be helpful for those with no idea of what to expect or how to go about checking-in. I would like to add though that even Sogo has theme rooms and suites, with jacuzzis and swings and round beds and mirror balls.

And when they used to serve it, their sinampalukang manok rocked!

And my friends kept telling me the chicharong bulaklak in the Flower Group are also delish!

And I actually preferred the food in Sogo, though simple, over food in Anito.

I'm wondering though if motels can really change sheets when they have sooo many clients waiting. And what's romantic if you'd only be making love in three short hours?

Anyway, I hope TV stations would be at the entrances of these motels to report on these... err... :)


And I have been pestering hubs for an overnight motel date... but since I can't leave our son behind, am not sure they'd let us in with a baby. People might say we'd better go for cheaper hotels instead but it's the illicit atmosphere of motels that I miss.

Toni requested her blogfriends to post pictures of hearts. How can someone deny this beautiful person who is all heart?

So here I am, posting a lomo-like picture of my engagement ring (because I still haven't mastered taking macro shots of things). And as much as I love my wedding ring, I really have to be honest and say that I love this ring more :)

Do try to join the blog carnival... let's pepper the world with hearts!!! :)

The news have been recently expounding more and more on the threat of recession in the U.S. Even Ducky Paredes has explained in his blog that the peso strengthening (around P40 to a dollar now when it used to be P50) has more to do with the US economy having problems. The Philippine economy is not improving, which is why it would be wrong for the Filipinos to wonder why we're not feeling any improvement in the cost of goods and services.

Apart from budgeting our money more wisely, finding other means to earn and making our money generate more money, it would be good to know that there are other ways that we can generate cash when its needed.

Emergencies can't be planned and some great buys find us in between paychecks. Cash loans or payday loans is an option we can utilize, especially if we're eighteen years old and above and hold regular jobs. Applying for a cash advance is certainly more preferable than issuing bouncing checks or incurring penalties for late payments.

Approval of such loans is generally fast, usually within hours of submitting your online application. The amount is immediately transferred to your bank account in a secured way and you can already withdraw it the next day.

Of course, people should remember that this is an emergency and short-term solution to a cash problem. We still have to manage our cashflow well and learn how to make our money work for us.

contraception ban?

11:08 PM Monday, February 11, 2008

BBC has currently published an article online about poor families filing a legal challenge against contraception ban in the country.


I am Catholic and will never support abortion. True. But I am FOR contraception (which abortion is not).

And I will rather prevent children from being conceived than have them aborted illegally, or have them live unwanted and unloved.

Contraception, at least, signifies responsibility. So I really don't get why the Catholic faith is so fiercely against this when they know that people will have sex for leisure, and even pre- or outside marriage.

And I really don't get why the Catholic Church should be given a voice on this one when the politicians they protect commit more unforgivable crimes to the society.

But I also take issue with providing free condoms to sex workers. If anyone has seen LIONS FOR LAMBS, a character there made the same complaint about a call to provide free sterile needles to drug addicts. I mean, why are we going to spend money on people who are supposedly breaking the law? Prostitution is illegal here. And surely, if they insist on earning money that way, then they should be made to cough up the P30 or so it takes to get condoms (I actually don't have an idea how much the cheaper brands cost because I usually buy the P60/pack ones). Or, if a man is paying for sex, why not let him shoulder the condom cost?

And heck... even if condoms were free everywhere, we still have a long way to go in re-educating men and women here about its use. Most still buy the less-sensation thing, and believe it takes pleasure away from the act. They need to be told that condoms will not only provide a slightly bigger feel (Pinoy men are still Asian men, and thus are among the ones with the smallest schlongs, compared to other races, of course) and will also allow them to last a wee bit longer before orgasming. Surely, the fact that they can buy more time to pleasure their woman is incentive enough?

Or not.


You can usually ask motel attendants for some though, at no extra charge.

Anyway, i've ranted off tangent enough.

I really hope and pray that the government will one day be run by truly responsible leaders who care. And I really hope that the poor, no matter how limited their choices, will still claim their future as their own and make the right choices.

Can you imagine being physically abused for not spreading your legs because you're scared of getting pregnant? Surely the Church is doing these women a disservice by making them feel guilty for wanting to explore the options available to them?

(of course, contraception isn't the heart of the matter in cases wherein a man will beat up a woman for not having sex with him... they need to be jailed, or killed for even thinking they have a right to another's body just because, but the implication still is... we have much of re-learning and un-learning to do)

It's internet casino gambling online like you couldn't imagine! The site offers many casino games to choose from, in a very user-friendly way. The site loads fast and even offers downloads the minute (nay, seconds!) you visit the site. Make sure to check the 'Promotions' page since they offer a Welcome Bonus you're sure to want.

And the site can be viewed in different languages! Truly international, wouldn't you say?

If virtual casino is your thing, always make sure to check JoylandCasino.com :)

Doc Emer just recently blogged about the Sadness-Spending Link.

I'm guessing we all know this is true... women especially would often shop to cheer themselves up. And they broadcast about how they need the cheering up.

I guess that's the difference between men and women. Women shop more often, be it a cheap hair accessory or a branded bag or new shoes or groceries. They (we) always come across as addicted to shopping and spending, maybe because we need the everyday outlet to make us feel good about things that aren't going our way. Heaven knows there are many.

(And in case anyone forgets, women have been tried and tested to be better pursers than men, so no matter our tendency to shop, we also budget money better.)

Men, however, bottle all their sadness away until they have a breakdown in the form of a new, really expensive gadget. Or a new car. Or a new membership. Something big that they feel add to their worth. At least, that's what I suspect.

Anyway, i'm a woman who doesn't really love to shop. I can go through the mall everyday for a week and not buy anything... and if ever I am itching to spend, it's usually food cravings and books that I spend on. Even if they're a little expensive. But clothes? Bags? Shoes? It would require a really special occasion where I want to look presentable to get me spending on these things.

Oh, but I sometimes splurge on panties!

But am not brand-conscious at all. And I don't shop because am sad... or at least, I seldom do. Except maybe for food (but I eat ice cream and cakes and chocolates even when am not sad so it doesn't really count).

And when in the mood for some pampering, I get massages too. But not because am sad either.

What about you, what do you spend on when sad?

Saw the movie AWAY FROM HER with my husband over the weekend. No wonder the movie was generating Oscar nominations... it was really very poignantly told and wonderfully executed. And I wouldn't really go into spoilers (but may inadvertently give you an idea).

The movie did make hubs and I revisit our views again about nursing homes. See, Filipinos grew up with the notion that we take care of our old, not just our young. But now I realize that there is some wisdom in putting someone in a nursing home. 'Away from her' made me realize all the more what those things are.

Like care by professionals, who medically, psychologically and physically know how to address one's problems and degeneration. And the safety of your own home and family members, because if you have Alzheimer's, you will forget a lot of things, maybe even put yourself at risk. And company of those who can understand.

It's just a matter, of course, of picking the right care home. The site Bettercaring.com can help in this matter because it provides a listing of care options available per locality, as well as care news and tips.

When you need specialized care, you seek specialists, don't you not? And it is better caring when you address the real issues, not your ideals and guilt.

photohunt: heavy

9:16 AM Sunday, February 10, 2008

These crabs were not only heavy at around two kilos, they also made for a super duper heavy (and may I say, delicious) meal!!!

if a foreigner asks...

2:42 AM Saturday, February 09, 2008

WikiPilipinas.org ... what a Filipina is, i'd tell him to read their blogs.

Because these blogs are the most reliable of all sources, a regular documentary of what makes or breaks us.

We not only write about the latest gossip or footwear that's causing a buzz, we write about how the Filipino life is unfolding for us, how it is affecting us, how we are affecting it.

We reminisce about childhoods where elders were strict and life was hard and every little child played on the streets. We talk of the family dynamics that helped mold who we are, the religion that was used to inhibit our spirits but bound our communities together, and the perpetual presence of relatives and their involvement in everything we do. And how we had to rage in order to be free to become who we want to be.

And then, maybe later, how we learned to embrace our roots and take away the good from it with grace.

We talk about getting educated... and learning about life, two totally different things that we always confuse. We talk about hopes and dreams and coming into our own... own value framework, sensuality, and life.

We talk about the bad choices we've made, from cutting classes to sneaking out of our homes... or totally running away from it. We relate about falling outs with family and friends, of getting confused and feeling invisible. We cry out to cyberspace for people who can understand, who can offer consoling words or helping hands.

We talk about getting pregnant out of wedlock, or marrying too soon. Or we talk about all the frogs we had to kiss, sleep with, or suffer abuse from (physical or emotional) as we seek our prince.

If we're lucky, we fall in love and get to barrage friends with all the wedding preparations and the suppliers' review. And if we're unlucky, the marriage collapses and its our blogs that absorb our grief.

Our blogs see us through in times of pain, from loss of family members and friends, mentors and possibilities. And through the community we build, we get to share in other people's sorrow... and then rejoice with them when they take the first steps again towards a well-lived life.

We dress-up for our blogs, and undress in it. We celebrate and mourn each step forward, each threshold crossed. If we're creative, we set a memory or experience in stone through a poem, a painting, a photograph or a song.

And then that foreigner would know that a Filipina is dynamic, passionate and becoming. That we will always be a a product of our history but are no longer defined by it. We shall continue to stumble as we pursue the life that will make us happy according to terms and standards we have chosen. But the important thing is, we are no longer afraid to claim our life as ours, nor are we scared to make mistakes anymore.

Through our blogs, we have found our voice. Through our blogs, we speak. Through our blogs, the world should listen. Through our blogs, one would find that we may just have learned our lessons.


I will not say that this is my best effort yet, but may it help the Philippine Encyclopedia in getting things as realistic and reflective as possible.

i'd sure like some more handbags

10:15 PM Thursday, February 07, 2008

At their Christmas party (last year), my husband was generous enough to ask whoever got him as 'baby' for the exchange gift to buy something for his wifey instead. So I got a lovely handbag.

I actually have a lot of handbags. That's one thing my husband and I have in common, we love bags! And we cannot let go of them. Many cabinets in our home are filled with these things eventhough we're not using them anymore.

Still, i'd sure like to have some more handbags. I especially need a classy one to go with my more formal outfits, preferably ones that aren't sequined or gemmed so as not to snag my gowns.

I know a SAHM doesn't usually go anywhere, and having a baby meant for a while that I also used the baby bag for my wallet and stuff. But i'm feeling unencumbered lately and see myself going on gimiks again... so I need to accessorize!

After all, all hot mommas do :)

(grabbed Valentino Blossom Rose Bag photo at Stylehive.com)

Rules Of This Tag:

1. Link back the person who tagged you and write what was the movie his/her family enjoyed watching recently.

2. Now your turn to tell about the movie your family had just watched.

3. Tell something about the movie and spoilers are accepted (hehehe).

4. Lastly, write anything that has something to do with movies: Trivia, your top choice or favorites and why, your family's story about your favorite motion pictures, the first film you watched with your husband, any traditional film the family 's been keeping etc...etc...

5. Copy and paste the rules of this meme on your blog and pass the tag to as many friends, bloggers and movie lovers you want. Don't forget to tell them they're tagged and leave a comment here if you're done with the task.

1) I was tagged by Lang :) who recently watched CLOVERFIELD and got dizzy with it.

Tagged also by Daiz who watched Juno, Memento, Cloverfield and Bee Movie (for Riel).

2) The last we saw was Sweeney Todd but we had more fun watching JUNO.

3) JUNO is a movie on teenage pregnancy. SPOILER would be that Juno gave up her child for adoption. I love, love the movie because it's all natural and because it touched a nerve in me (syempre I cried ever!). Some of my worries about the movie though could be found here. Still, it's really one engaging film... very smooth in its transitions, the conversations are funny (and adult?) and the characters very lovable.

4) My top ever favorite is Titanic... watched it 14 times in the big screen when it was showing in 1998. Did you know that there is no actual picture or even blueprint of how the Titanic was designed/furnished inside? James Cameron had to rely and build on pictures of the Olympic's (Titanic's sister) interior. Another sister, Brittanic, which was supposedly made to be more unsinkable than the Titanic also sank.

5) I am tagging the Berks :)

if you want to be worshipped...

8:49 PM Wednesday, February 06, 2008

... have a child.

Of course, I don't mean worship like religious worship.

But really, if you want to be the most beautiful woman ever in the world... have a child!

I have never been pretty. Heaven knows that even my own mother is first to call me ugly (weirdly enough, that never made me feel insecure). But I have been blessed with many, uhm, worshipful encounters.

Maybe because God didn't endow me with beauty, He decided to be generous with charm and luck instead. So I ended up commanding love and lust and having men's eyes light up when they see me walk into a room (or okay, undress, hehe).

And maybe because I married a guy who actually loves me, I have somehow ensured a life filled with loving looks.

But although such feeds my ego and spirit, they are nothing to the delight, the love, the need, the happiness that I see in my son's eyes.

And so, there is no greater validation of my worth.

I know women shouldn't measure their worth as a person by their capacity to give birth. I know just because a woman can doesn't mean she has to become a mother. I know that motherhood shouldn't be the only thing to define a woman's purpose.

But I also know that there is no higher privilege than being a parent... and as mirrored in my child's eyes, no greater joy than having Mommy around.


As luck would have it though, he is now the spitting image of me. Yikes!

featured site: Ashop Commerce

7:26 PM Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Online businesses (or e-commerce) are lucrative endeavors these days. A friend and her sisters are currently trying to save enough money to purchase a shopping cart software for their digiscrapping site. This way, they can directly sell their digiscrapping kits from their site. Currently, they are at the mercy of bigger sites with commissions and restrictions that they don't really like. Nobody likes red tape after all.

Other friends are selling bags, VCO products, lingerie, toys, etc. And a shopping cart like Ashop Commerce would facilitate the selling of their wares with minimal hassle. Ashop offers competitive packages with all the possible solutions one might require for an online business. They also offer live demos and live support tools in their site (and a ten-day free trial). Oh, and they also offer domain registration, web promotion and design services.

What more could you possibly want? Ashop can be the ultimate business partner and could be the only thing you need.

sinning with a woman

10:16 PM Monday, February 04, 2008

Not THAT kind of sinning, mind you. But we should be penalized just the same for indulging in something that's really, really bad.

Girl friend Mari saved my sanity by paying me a visit to day and providing me with adult conversation. She also came bearing sans rival :)

We bought lunch at a nearby tapsilogan. This is chicharon bulaklak silog and lechon kawali silog :) Can you say, cholesterol? :D But at P60/meal ($1.50), this is one filling, delicious meal!


I can't wait for the next time i'll be sinning, hehe.

...one of the first things I did was look for ways to prevent stretch marks. I was positive i'd balloon into a hippo and gain so much weight , i'd be a walking blimp. So of course, I wanted to do everything I can to make sure I can still wear bikinis in the future. I really didn't want to waste the investments i've already made in two-piece bathing suits. Not that am averse to wearing tankinis and such, but still, I really don't like having to worry about my tummy and thighs.

Then I learned that it has much to do with genetics and skin elasticity and how fast one gains weight. Tsk.

So I started looking for a stretch mark cream that will not promise the impossible, but will promise to moisturize your skin so much, it wouldn't go dry and aggravate the stretch mark problem.

Some of the more popoularly recommended ones include cocoa body butter, virgin coconut oil and Revitol stretch mark cream. These promise lighter stretch marks when they do develop (mine cropped up in my eighth month) and also supposedly lightens them if you already have them.

Divas-blog.com is one of those sites that reviews stretch mark creams. They test products and has come up with the top four best buys, Revitol being the best among the truly tested.

Crossing this uber narrow bridge made me sweat buckets even if it's only really some five to seven feet off the ground!!! Taken in Cagayan :)

buying from Rob or SM

11:45 AM Saturday, February 02, 2008

An e-mail is making the rounds, sent out by an irate father over SM's poor customer service and questionable products sold. The item in question is Cadbury chocolates, and the poor father had the misfortune of purchasing some that had molds in it (September 2006 and January 2008). He was able to keep the receipt last January so he went to SM to complain, especially since he fed his three-year old daughter some of the chocolate. And the chocolate bought was not yet expired, per what's indicated on the label.

The e-mail kinda makes people laugh though, because the writer spelled Cadbury as CUDBURRY and peppered the e-mail with exclamations of "PLIP" (as in "plid diba? plip na, sinungaling pa!"). I'm almost positive he meant FLIP (our jargon for crazy or loony).

Anyway, since i've never encountered a Cadbury chocolate with molds yet, I wouldn't comment on that anymore. Plus, we usually buy the Dream one (white) and if it had molds, we would easily see it.

Reading through the e-mail though, I can't help but remember that i've actually been annoyed by SM and Robinson's lately... because i've unwittingly bought some products that are going to be expired within a month of the purchase. I've had to throw sandwich spreads because they were already expired within three weeks or a month from buying them (and of course, I like to stock up on some staples sometimes when I do my grocery).

Of course, i've learned to check expiry dates judiciously now... and not stock up anymore. But consider the spreads and such that my parents send from the US, with expiry dates that's actually a year or two away!

Is this a sign of just how bad our economy is, that big groceries like Rob or SM have to sell old stocks? Because I sincerely doubt that Cheezee would expire that easily!

Meanwhile, it's great we've already consumed 3/4 of these babies:

Because February has come and with it, numerous Valentine offerings, I googled sites offering Valentine goodies you can order online and came upon JamesAllen.com.

It's a site selling jewelries, diamonds being its best offering. The wonderful thing about its site, aside from the variety of jewelries it offers (from engagement rings to wedding rings to anniversary rings and other wonderful collectibles), is the links it provides to educate the browser/prospective buyer on diamonds. Links are also provided to help the prospective client decide which setting he'd like and why as well as links to news about jewelry and diamonds.

They have Valentine specials right now, with lots of two-tone heart pendants to choose from to give to a loved one.

It was my cousins in Batangas that taught me how to play poker. Weirdly enough, I also learned to play pusoy dos (not sure what that is in English) first before the real/classic poker game.

And by golly, it took me a long time to get it. Cousins could easily beat me using their poker faces amd I was such a sucker for their pretend-wailings that they had bad cards.

But when I learned, my gosh, was I addicted. Sometimes we'd even stay up till 2:00 AM just playing cards! Am sure my story isn't unique for there are thousands of us who really like playing this game.

And I wouldn't be surprised if many are taking advantage of technology and playing online poker in their spare time.

happy birthday sis

3:01 PM Friday, February 01, 2008

uses Flea Market Elements by Rasperry Road Designs

We had a fight again the night before she flew back to the US. I'm still upset about it but we've been chatting some nights and texting back and forth, mainly because I know she misses my son and don't really want to deprive them of each other just because am having discipline issues with her.

She's 22 today, already really an adult, only she's the youngest and still isn't working... so it's hard to treat her like an adult (esply since she's not exactly great at keeping her word about curfews and stuff... and I don't know why she refuses to bring home the guys she's dating... I mean, I was sexually-active with some of my boyfriends before but I brought them home! So I just get all the more paranoid about what could possibly be wrong with the men she's dating... then again, she hasn't gotten pregnant yet... and ok, i've been rambling... hehe)

I'm still thankful for the day God expanded our family with her. And I really wish she'd get to realize her dreams and enjoy a lot of adventures before she settles down.

And may she remain generous with her loving.

... that's what Simon said about this girl.

It's really sad to see American Idol wannabes unable to accept a 'NO' from the judges. It's sadder still when a wannabe is sooo full of it that he/she comes off as really pathetic.

And this girl is only 16. She doesn't look it (I don't know what Americans do with their kids but their teeners often look much older), I know. And true, she sounded better in American Juniors, maybe because back then, she was actually singing. Now, she's just projecting and riding on her previous fame.

And did you see how she sort of slapped her Mom's (am assuming) hands away when she was trying to comfort her? And how spoiled can she get, telling people not to watch AI?

Actually, what's really annoying and sad is that this girl isn't getting slapped. Hehe.

She IS pretty. And had she some real grace inside her, she'd have realized that Simon and Paula telling her to go to Hollywood to be an actress is actually a good career advice because she's already mastered projecting. But no, she has to be dumb.

Ok... ok... am being harsh on the girl, after all, she's only 16... she has a right to be temperamental and self-centered and insecure and irrational.



(her parents need some counseling)