bad trip but letting it go

5:42 PM Friday, July 29, 2005

Ang ganda, just when I was gearing to finish my report, what happens is that some blogger bug (could be the only reason for I didn't do anything with my template and my blog was ok this morning when I checked) hit my template... now I can't receover anything and I didn't save that template, so the links and all... gone.

And now, even if am using relatively the same template, I can't activate haloscan properly, and all old comments are gone... and am just friggin' really bad trip.

So, unless anyone can send me a new template at (simple ones, with 2 or 3 columns but i like the area for the blog entries real wide, and i don't like scroll bars, and i'd appreciate it if you can activate the post title thingie so that when i type in the entry title for each post, it will just appear... what else? i can modify the colors... i'd supply the images... i don't care for background music) and i can have free time to really deal with this... or blogger will be kind enough to repair the damage for me... this would just have to be it.

Yuck... so common.

Bad trip.

I have a report and powerpoint presentation due on Monday, something i've delayed doing till yesterday.

Anyway... here I am, formulating the report and cramming, and dancing (sort of) in my seat...

I would just like to say that I love Fuzzy and Nils, two labskis who have risen to the challenge of making a weird girl happy by sending her mp3s of 80s and 90s dance hits.

So am shaking my head and moving my body to "Rump Shaker". Silently, "I saw the sign" makes me senti, remembering the days when I used to watch my young cousins dance to the song... and they're now all grown up (one even already graduated from college last March, and will be a secondary sponsor to my wedding).

"Praise You" reminds me of the end of my MTV days, and I can still listen to Elevate My Mind consecutively and not grow mental.

Mr. Boombastic will always be that Levi's Jeans commercial, and Jump Around makes me really do just that. Am still waiting for WIGGLE IT though, and BRING THAT BOOTY...

La lang... so ncie to be having a party where am sitting. Happy weekend guys!

Dare to misbehave!!!

py's birthday party

8:53 AM Tuesday, July 26, 2005

But of course there were lots of tears shed, what with Pyro not expecting about a hundred of people to grace his party at McDo... nabigla tuloy, and so he refused to stop crying and stop holding on to us as if his life depended on it... until his wonderful Ninong arrived with BUNTIS HORSE for him to bump up and down on.

Image hosted by

It was a riot watching kids play games, or not listen to instructions, or go hungry, or grow tired... Twas also nice seeing all my nieces and nephews, plus the kids of my childhood playmates, in one area.

Some fave little people look adorable in this picture.

papa jesus, walang panty

9:12 AM Thursday, July 21, 2005

Observant isn't he?

But well, ok... the statue wasn't that of Jesus'. It was Mama Mary's.

And no, don't ask me why his father allowed him to gather up Mary's robes and check for underwear.

I guess they're both weird that way.

Image hosted by But at two years old today, Pyro remains a precocious, noisy, intelligent, wonderful boy.

Sure, he still keeps sucking at his stuffed toys' noses, tails, arms and feet...or the corners of his pillows.

Sure, he's still sporting this horribly green-violet bump on his head... a result of him having stood at the corner of my parents' bed, reaching to flick off a switch, and losing his balance... and since he turned off the light, my sister was not able to see him and catch his fall. (my brother gave my sister hell for that... ahehe... panicky worried that something worse will happen to Py)

And yes, he insists on powdering his own nether regions now. And my cousin told me he also rubs his teddy bear there sometimes (well... Freud did coin terms like oral, anal and genital stages).

And he sings "Happy Birthday" the way it should be sung... not anymore "Pabileykey tu yu"...

And he can speak in crude but complete sentences now... like... "Tita Ganggang, bili na ice cream, dali na, bili na..."

And how he loves caramel cake! And nuts. And Flintstones vitamins.

Oh yeah, he loves books too, and he's also managed to rip his books apart...

And he actually asks for milk now... unlike before when he didn't really consider milk as staple food for himself... but yes, it's still a pain feeding him his meals for it takes one around 2 hours to accomplish the task...

And this Sunday, he's having a birthday party at McDonalds.

And he asks me to dance, and when I do... he'd say "Galing TIta."

And he loves it when I give him a massage... when I do his hands and feet and knees and back. Just last night, he even went out of his way to find my massage oil.

And everybody just loves him so. And I love him so.

Truly, life has been richer and more meaningful because of this little angel/devil at home.


Shameless plugging of an entry - my 3 wishes

I was growing anxious last week, not knowing what time I should be lining up for my reservation... it's the first time for me to actually AWAIT a book's release.

Anyway, as luck would have it... I finished re-reading the Order of the Phoenix at around 2 am Saturday... and seems to have turned off the alarm that should wake me at 6:00 AM. Good thing DBF (da boyfriend) called me at 6:30, asking me where I was already.

I was number 22 at National Bookstore (Rob Place-Ermita). It was positively annoying to have others who didn't reserve copies already paying for their purchases while we all had to stand in line (those of us who reserved) and wait. Well, ok, those who reserved got 10% discount off the total book price (which is P1,500.00).

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo, anyway, I am now the happy owner of my first hardbound HP book. And yes, I am actually prejudiced against uber expensive books that are hardbound (and yes, I understand them being produced for those who actually want to collect books... but i've always believed that a book is made to be read first, and collected second... so paperbacks should be released first!) but I can't wait for another 6 months or so while all the world is already discussing the latest book!

Did I like it? Not as much as the 3rd and 4th books... anyway, my thoughts and some spoilers follow:

* I was disappointed that there was not even a mention of Susan Bones suffering from stares and talks because her aunt (?) was killed. Then again, there wasn't any mention that she actually returned to Hogwarts so I guess that's why.

* JK Rowling was being very realistic when she made the kids absorbed in boy-girl relationships. I get that, really I do. But apart from getting irritated with teenage angst and raging hormones, it was really a challenge to get past all the snogging (kissing) going on.

* Those who are rooting for a Ron-Hermione love affair are happy, am sure, because the book made it clear that there ARE really feelings between them, even if it wasn't clear that they were already a couple by the end of the book (and as far as I know and can deduce, they haven't snogged yet). Of course, I am disappointed with this even if I saw it coming... I just never really saw anything great with Ron... apart from his blind loyalty to Harry.

* I was also not happy to see Ginny and Harry becoming a couple (and then going their separate ways because Harry now has a mission to really seek out Voldemort and company). Despite Harry being the hero of the series, I also don't think he's good enough for Ginny.

* It's nice to see more of Ginny though, and how her strong personality is making heads turn and people notice.

* I was surprised that the Weasleys haven't had a death in the family yet, considering that there are 9 of them, and except for Percy, are close to Dumbledore. Of course, I hope Percy dies because he's such a prat (have to give kudos to JK again, for her consistency with characters and character traits). And yes, it's too bad that Bill is no longer handsome. And heaven help me, I don't think I can stop myself from crying if anything happens to the Weasley twins!!!

* It was touching when Fleur had words with Mrs. Weasley that Bill, having been contaminated (but not turned) by a werewolf, will still love her, and that she still loves him, and that she is beautiful enough for both of them. Of course, any mother would be touched!!! And of course, I feel sad that I won't get to read about their wedding in at least 3 years.

* It's still not quite clear if Snape was working for the good side or the dark side. True, he killed Dumbledore with the Avada Kedavra curse... but that may have been pre-arranged... something they have talked about and agreed to allow to happen for the greater good. So yes, I guess, I still believe Dumbledore was not wrong to trust Snape. Besides, what if it was necessary because Dumbledore knows Snape will play a greater role than he ever will in Voldemort's downfall? (I was looking for a loophole in the Unbreakable Vow Snape took with Narcissa Malfoy...)

* If Dumbledore is really dead... and am ok with him being already dead... I wonder now what's going to happen to the Order, and who's going to lead it. And it doesn't matter anymore if Hogwarts will reopen because Harry, Ron and Hermione good as said that they won't be returning anyway even if it does.

* Who is RAB? Couldn't Dumbledore have an inkling that somebody else has gotten to that particular Horcrux? And how did RAB refilled that vessel with liquid? What if the liquid, however foul, protects someone from the Unforgivable Curses?

* Hermione must really love her friends for her not to go on to finish her NEWTs.

* Know what made me cry? Not Fleur's devotion to Bill... but Tonks making it known that she really loves Lupin, and Lupin still insisting that he's too old, too poor and too dangerous for Tonks. Sigh. I'm partly jealous because I love Lupin... but I've always wanted a love interest for him. I even thought it should be another unregistered animagus that turns into a wolf... to keep him company. But Tonks is ok... I hope they get married in the 7th book too. And yes, I hope Lupin doesn't die...

* Yes, there have been many deaths in this book... but only of familiar names. The Death Eaters only lost one, and the Order another one. But yes, Dumbledore is a big, big loss. (and yes, his affinity with the Phoenix almost makes me believe that he'd return)

* I like it that JK, when she kills wonderful characters, isn't big on drama and whatever. She just kills them. And I don't thnk Ginny will die in the 7th book, because I think something should be said about her being the only Weasley girl after so many years.

* And yes, Malfoy should be pitied... for however despicable his personality may be, he was only really being pressured to protect/redeem his family.

* For a while, I thought it would be nice if Harry lends Kreacher (part of his inheritance by Sirius) to the Weasleys... but Dumbledore is right, it's better for Kreacher to be watched over by his fellow elves at Hogwarts.

* Too many things were going on in the book... too many information I feel were being crammed... making up for all that's lacking in the first 5 books... good thing, the book was overall redeemed by the last 6 chapters or so.

* Nice twist... Voldemort didn't have one scene at all... but you got to know much about Tom Marvolo Riddle.

Anyway... maybe i'll try to read some of Gaiman's works while I wait for the last book. Most stories are usually anti-climactic, but Harry Potter is a phenomenon that can't be beat. Am sure, there will be more converted to loving the series before the 7th installation...

And I really thank JRA for buying me my first 4 books... (he downloaded the e-copy Sunday morning, too envious that I was already reading the book... he has to read from his PDA, me naman, I am prejudiced against e-copies and prefer reading books in bed).


Monday morning didn't start well... found myself wrapped in a towel outside, trying to stop my brother from really getting physical with neighbors who picked a fight with him... so early in the morning too... and me, stark naked under the towel...

Anyway, hope my dad, who is returning to the country today, has a safe flight back home...

And hope my Mom will be ok...since she will be left alone in the US.


Read JK's interview here. Notice that on page 2 of that interview... JK said she didn't categorically say that a major character will die... so, there's hope for eitehr Sirius or Dumbledore I guess :)


3:55 PM Thursday, July 14, 2005

My colleagues and I were all getting awed by a fellow's preparations for her daughter's 7th birthday. This birthday is princess-themed, 5 months in the making, where the girls will be wearing princess costumes and there'd be 7 roses, 7 lollipops, whatever.

The works! (meaning, it's like a debut)

Maybe because am not a mother yet... but I question the impact of such a celebration to the psyche of a little girl... bad, but I wanted to ask if the girl is on the honor roll, is very short, has she done anything at all to warrant the pomp and expense?

Then again, am a believer in celebrating birthdays... and woe to the child that didn't have a 1st, 7th, 13th, 18th/21st birthday party.

Still, I cannot help but feel that a trip to HK Disneyland would have been a betetr celebration of a girl's childhood.

(I know I bent over backwards just to throw Ela a birthday party when she turned 7, but that was very much a children's party... with clowns and games and food. Plus, she was 2nd in her class. And it's her first ever party.)

Anyway, there we were, conflicted with this growing trend among girls/mothers... and got started talking about our own 'princess/beauty queen moments' while growing up.

I was never a flower girl... but I was a bridesmaid twice to an uncle and a cousin. I was never 'Miss Anything' and the one time I wore a gown to parade on the streets, it was the end of the Flores de Mayo in Lipa (where just anybody can show up in a gown or a barong and parade, unlike in Santacruzan where you get wooed to join, either because you're pretty or because your parents donated some money to the town fiesta). I wore a garrishly gold gown then. Arggh...

Good thing I looked great in the pictures.

The next time I was slated to go parading again, it rained...and I didn't want to ruin the uber white gown I just had dry cleaned. Ahehe...

So my colleagues shared stories of their own, and of their daughters... how they annoyed the procession one time because the little girl rode a sidecar while those behind her were riding tricycles and owners... how someone fainted in the middle of the procession out of hunger... how nobody was lighting them as they walked several streets...

One of my colleagues even had ready pics to show... black and white and her just 4 years old.

So then we moved on to the type of gowns our mothers used to have us wear... frilly, overlapping sheaths that make you itch... lace and ribbons and ruffles...high collar Sunday dresses... empire-cut gowns... layers and layers of tulle and organza... sequined bodice...

And do you remember walking around with your mouth half-open...either careful not to ruin your lipstick... or just yucked out by the taste of lipsticks in the old days?

And how... most of our generation had to suffer from having their hair curled (even those with already curly/isponghado hair)... something that seemed to have stopped around the time my sister was growing up.

And of course, that reminded us of spray net and teased hair... not just the bangs, mind you, but also the sides (ala cobra... nyahahaha)... with men also having their bangs curled (ah, back then, Michael Jackson was still cool)...

And wearing your hair in braids all morning... so that by the time you strut around the neighborhood in the afternoon, your hair will be all zigzaggy (ala Ruffa Gutierrez)...

And oh my, the padded blouses (thankfully, I owned only one)...


And then we wondered why parents take pictures of their kids bathing or just plain naked.

Wonder what i'd do to make my kids' childhood as 'memorable'...



2:01 PM Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Mom is turning 57 this coming Saturday... her first birthday abroad and away from her kids. We've already sent her a birthday card... and we're sending her pictures (she specifically requested for Pyro's pics of course) and a list of Pyro's antics.

Dad is arriving on July 18.

Am thinking of getting re-confirmed with the Catholic Church at the end of the month (coz at least dad is here na) but am not sure if I can really accommodate the expense (bwahahaha, mainly because I want us to eat at Hizon's after).

Batjay and Jet are already here in Pinas but their sked is hectic as they cram late-minute packing and partying into several weeks.

The sexy Pinayhekmi and her hubby are also here in the country... hopefully, i'd get to feast on seafood with my blogberks.

What else?

Ahh... one of my bestfriends is going to get married on the 16th too. It's an afternoon reception in some pool area in Lipa. Turns out, all my bestfriends will get married before I do... I still have to buy Icel a gift. And I still have to decide if i'd trial make-up myself on that day because i'd be travelling to Lipa pa (what if I ruin the hairstyle or make-up diba?)

And yes, it's my cousin's birthday on the 19th... and Pyro's birthday on the 21st, which we will celebrate at McDo on the 24th (golly, when can I pay the deposit kaya for his sponge bob cake?).

And fairy blogmother has just recently updated her giveaway and wonderful templates so you guys might wanna check them out. And of course, she's also launched her scrapbooking blog!!! Yes, uber active talaga yang baklitang yan ever.

Also happened upon this really kulit blog.

And but of course, am super duper excited (I dunno how long the lines would be, even if I already reserved my copy) for the release of the 6th Harry Potter book. I'm even more than willing to absent myself from work next Monday if I haven't finished it by then (kasi nga am attending a wedding pa on saturday after getting my copy... and yes, sorry to my friend, but i'd be anxious for her ceremony to finish talaga!). I also started re-reading all the books na... Started with the first book last unday afternoon, and am already halfway through the 4th book (I missed work yesterday because I couldn't sleep Sunday night... and no, not because I was reading... I just couldn't friggin' sleep).

Too bad I don't have enough moolah for MYMP at Suburbia.

And am due for a pedicure before Saturday so I can wear my nastily sexy pair of stilletos for the wedding. Am stilld ebating whether i'd buy a new outfit or just really head off to Becky's Kitchen instead.

Our company celebrated its 31st anniversary by launching a gym for us that's actually near our HO building (before kasi, we'd have to go to Gate 4 pa, we're at Gate 1, and that's several hundreds of container vans away).

And i've been depressed (PMS) lately because I haven't eaten WC for a month or more na. Blasteed groceries seem to have stopped selling Swiss Delice and Cadbury Dream brands... all I see is Nestle Galak. Demmet.

I am such a deprived woman.

tama bang...

10:13 AM Friday, July 08, 2005

panaginipan ang ex???

Not sure if it was brought on by his daily text messages (to his smart buddies) of inspirational ekek... but I dang dreamt of him.

He went to my apartment and told me he knows his wife is getting worried that he isn't home yet... and that he's sad.

Then he lies on my floor, puts one arm over his forehead.

And I was panicking... what if J finds out and gets jealous?

What if my Baby finds out and gets jealous?

In the dream, I kept asking A to call his wife but he wouldn't. So I did.

And J was jealous indeed... even saying something weird about how she never knows where A comes from and just meets him at National Bookstore.


A left after I had him talk to his wife. And the part of the dream where I told the incident to my bf, i've already forgotten.


Two more weeks and it's Pyro's birthday.

It's so not good that he's taken to smelling the ends of our hair like that creepy guy from Charlie's Angels.

Or that he sometimes lie curled on the floor and keep moaning, "Imang" (from Engkantadang Kampanerang Kuba).

Our boy is turning tres weird. But yes, we love him anyway. I just ordered a Sponge Bob cake for him from Cake Treats.


I have never been the typical girl you treat on dates and give fancy stuff to. I have always gone dutch, pulled my own weight, been one of the boys... even with boyfriends.

Yes, i've always been independent even if am going steady with someone.

But sometimes, I can't help but be envious of other girls (I can think of several women who are just really unkind and lacking in susbtance) who command gifts and nice things from guys.

If it's a matter of deserving... then I really wonder if I should have picked the damsel-in-distress role over the lady warrior.

And yes, this last train of thought is confusing.

Happy weekend.

a woman's issue

4:07 PM Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Anyway, this bit of information bothered me. 60% percent of births happening in homes isn't all that bad when you think about all those years ago when it was the norm.

The thing is, it implies a lack of socioeconomical progress for the 77% of women who don't have access to health care and facilities.

77% of those women, chances are, fall under the 80% of the Filipino poor. And I don't know the ratio of men to children and men... but at 84 million (expected Philippine population by eo this year), I can only guess at how many millions of women do not have access to reproductive health campaigns.

One can only laugh at how (and pity) doctors must get attacked by a foul stench when a poor woman spreads her legs for childbirth... but it's actually really sad...

For most of these women, spreading their legs have become a way to keep the peace with their spouse/partners, to hold onto a man, to feel 'like a real woman' or to 'fulfill her destiny'... or, there was simply nothing better to do...

And then it's their bodies that deteriorate for every unprotected sex with a non-hygienic partner and for every childbirth...

PGMA is a woman... but I have yet to see her make women's issues her cause. I have yet to see the government really tackle reproductive health awareness... and penalize both men and women for being totally irresponsible in bringing forth children they don't even welcome nor want...

when i was young...

4:09 PM Friday, July 01, 2005

(sort of, for Belle, who says she's only 16)

Colleagues were enjoying a series of birthday and anniversary celebrations in the department for the whole week... basically that means food.

Anyway, we got to talking about food we loved as kids.

Like tira-tira for example... and it's sticky sweetness...

And how we huff and puff as we straw milk from plastic bottles... and the cheap milo chocolate that you buy when you're tired of flat matamis na bao, or when the sundot kulangot has already run out...

And we were shocked that one of my colleagues doesn't know what ampaw is like...

And yes, we thank heavens that yema is back with a vengeance...

And I told them how happy I was to find out that they still make Stay Fresh, those green peas-like mints that I used to consume by the pack in grade school... in fact, you can even buy a whole pack for less than P25 in Divi (and yes, i've never believed that story that they make you infertile)... ahehe

And how me miss the five-centavo chicklets or round candies ... you buy a peso of them and you'd have this plastic of colorful sweets all day...

And then we got to talking about games we used to play... and I lamented how I was never good at chinese garter... could never jump high enough once the garter is already on my playmates' waists... and remember that other type where you twirl your finger around the garter and jump over that in a lady-like, naglalandi way? that one where you also sort of twirl your arms on the garter and stretch it over your head and pass that way... bwahahahaha

and i seldom had 'houses' (bahay) in piko , and my steps were always too big/wide for step-no ... tsk

and since i always found it hard to jump...i was also no good at luksong tinik... and luksong baka required me not only to jump but also to spread my legs in a way I wasn't comfortable then...

and yes, am super balagoong when it comes to sha-to, and I never played trumpo, and of course, never had spiders nor salagubangs fight...

and susmio... i'm a hopeless case ever with plastic balloons... and it was bad that I wasn't among those who actually like it's smell and taste...

i was ok with monkey-monkey because I could run... and i liked the variation shake, body-body dancer where, instead of holding still, you put your hands on your waist and shake your body when you get tagged...

and i was also ok with agawan panyo and 1-2-3 or trag-tragan because I could run like hell...

taguan usually finds me becoming IT because I was bigger than my playmates... and when we play hide-and-seek... either we really hide... or just happily squeeze in the same corner where the IT is sure not to miss us...

we of course played bahay-bahayan a lot... with sleeping time and food (crushed junk food) and vitamins (melted ice candy)... the boys always had a free ride bacuse it's usually us girls who would chip in for the food... I guess they knew early on that it's just not right to play house without a Dad and brother :)

and our version of football seems real icky now... since we continue playing even after our ball has landed on the canal... it was combination football (because we kick the ball), baseball (because we had bases) and a little bit of dodgeball (only because we throw the canal-water-wet ball on people if we want them out)

oh, and we also play saga-sagalaan using walis-tingting for flower archs...

speaking of which, bubbles can be had for P60/12 pcs at Divi... or there are the more expensive kind...but none of them create as big bubbles as we ever made using soap and gumamela (hibiscus?) flowers, and using walis-tingting for dipping wands (wrapped in some cloth so the bubble doesn't break)...

ahhh... there were so many games played then... so many early mornings when I only lived to play... and so many afternoons when we'd get spanked to go home... and so many nights when some of us could steal away from our beds unbeknownst to parents...

scabs and scars and sunburn and broken lip and bumps on the head... those were badges of honor...

and with my colleagues, we pitied today's generation... for only having their gameboys and PS...for going after branded labels... for flying T's that are now battery-operated... for their lack of creativity and imagination when they play...

and mostly, for their lack of interaction...

and the fact that... at age 4, a child with so many toys can be heard saying he is bored