Fearless No More

3:04 AM Thursday, March 22, 2012

I believe I've said many times that there is a thrill-seeker in me, in the sense that I wanted to bungee jump, parasail and hang glide before I get married. Didn't get to do those things before getting hitched but I still want to.

However, it is really a lot different when you've found the great love of your life, and have children with him. I didn't want to climb up a mountain because it rained and I didn't trust my husband's balance will keep him safe. I didn't want to go on a sightseeing tour on board a tricycle over a great distance because my kids will be with us. I could stand on top of a worn lighthouse without fretting, only because I know my son is safe in the ground.

It's so hard to be a daredevil and just enjoy even some of the not-so dangerous things (like riding a boat) when your heart is outside you.