I Was This Thin

11:00 PM Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yup. I think this is probably me at my overall thinnest, which was in college, because the commute to PNU from our house was taking a toll on me. Yup again, it's only travel to and from Taft, basically, but that was already FAR for me since I walked to school most of my life.

This was taken when I was 18 years old... at the graduation rites of our batch of volunteer peer counselors for the Foundation for Adolescent Development, Inc.

I was so thin, no? I couldn;t help but cringe when I first saw this pic again. I did not have meat at all! Gosh.

And though I am very much overweight now, there really is some sort of acceptance of these curves and bulges now... and a lack of desire to be that thin again.

I will be happy with a maximum of 20-25 pounds lost... very doable if only i'd stick to a healthy diet and regular exercise. To reach my weight here, I would have to lose around fifty pounds.

No, thanks!

As I was discussing her moving options with my sister, we got to talking about Illinois movers and how Illinois Moving Companies seem to have the best packages in the US.

You see, there is an offer from a relative to help my sister out, but this is all the way in Texas. She's in Detroit now. And she wants to move to Florida (I am assumming the boyfriend is there). I really don't care where she moves so long as it's not a deader zone than Michigan. I have been encouraging her to accept any job offer, even those that are so far from her nursing degree and licence, like dog walker or receptionist... even maybe a shop employee. I even told her my former manager worked as a cashier at a grocery when she first migrated in the US, and to think they had ships and breeding horses here in the Philippines. That's dignity of labor... and any job will allow her to learn more about the culture of her adopted country. She's been there 3 years and has not been exposed to much... only the drama offered by our relatives.

So really, I want her to move.

Moving To Illinois is also an option, but she doesn't know anyone from there but loved the windy city of Chicago when she visited some 2 years ago. Plus, it also has all four seasons but don't quite get as frigid as Detroit.

Some sign on where she should go would be most welcome, Lord. I just want her gone from Detroit... and living a better life (where she's self-realizing and self-reliant).

Will You Get a Driver?

4:00 PM Friday, November 11, 2011

One of the things you think about if and when you're already super rich is... will you get your own driver or still drive yourself?

Now that a personal auto transport is not the monopoly of the rich anymore, and it's really very convenient for families to have their own auto transport to ferry them to and fro school runs as well as go on road trips with, the need for a driver suddenly becomes a question... even for the middle class.

After all, not all women drive... or feel compelled to learn. And most moms also work now so they can't really be the ones doing the ferrying too.

But then... a friend's driver impregnated their nanny. The next driver again had dalliances with the next nanny. I'm not sure I like to invite such possibilities.

Plus, I like the conversations we have during a car ride. Also not sure if I want someone else listening in on those.

Still, I'd really love to have my own auto transport someday. Even a cheapie Jazz or Getz will do :)

After A While

12:10 AM Saturday, November 05, 2011

This poem, After A While by Veronica Shofftstall, was very popular back when I was in college. And it resonated very deeply in me because I was still very insecure then... unsure of what will happen to me, if I will ever be happy, what will come of my dreams.

It encouraged me to go, be my own person, and tend to ME.

This other poem, I read when I was already about to get married, I think. It seemed fitting... after finding yourself, you can now lose it again and evolve because you can also truly love. The original poem is more beautifully written... but it's still really nice to have grown up and be able to appreciate this one.

It validates all the pain and drama of the yesteryears.

And I just recently found out that the author of the second one, Adrian Tecson, wrote it when he was still in college :)