2:17 PM Wednesday, November 05, 2003

My friend Libet is getting married. She first went steady with the guy last April 01, 1998. They will get married May 08, 2004. 6 years of going steady...

It was with a sigh of relief that I greeted her news. Finally, she's getting what she's been wishing for. Finally, the guy is willing commit totally. Finally, she will quit smoking soon. Finally, she can start having babies soon and maybe beat the deadline given to her by her ObGyne.


Weirdly enough, as I was pouring thru magazines for any tips I can give her... and to further torture her with details... I started thinking about uhm.. well... my own wedding.

I want to get married on the 28th of December, and no, it's not some bizaare fascination with the same date 2 year old boys and younger were slaughtered... I've just always attached a different meaning to NIÑOS INOSENTES, thinking that I want to get married innocent and hopeful of heart and mind...

Not that it's happening anytime for me soon...


Of legs and thighs


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