9:17 AM Tuesday, December 16, 2003

How does one exactly behave in a wake?

How does one behave if it's the wake of your friend's father... the man who kept peeping on you all these years since... 1994? Add to that, he's also the father of 3 other guys who watched you dress and undress since they moved in next to your bedroom window.

All I can say is... it was more than a trifle creepy and awkward. Of course, my sis and cousins are all creeped out at home. But still, I owed my high school friend and neighbor my presence. And so I went.

I could just die when the son who tried dating me was offering me some juice and crackers. And no offense meant to the dead, am sure he was a good father and grandfather... but I've never been ok with the idea of looking at lying corpses inside coffins, what more... him?

Memories of him lying wait to watch me in different states of dress and undress... couldn't escape me. Sigh...

Then again, can I just say that all 3 sons by him are single and very much available right now? Dang...


Have I ever said that a man in plain, white, round-collared shirt turns me on? Especially if he can wear it real ruggedly while appearing squeaky clean at the same time? Ooooh.... the man with me at the jeep was soooo... enticing to look at. And his lashes... sooo tantalizingly looong... I couldn't help but wonder how it is to be given butterfly kisses by him...

Such sinful thoughts so early in the morning... tsk tsk tsk


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