bad trip but letting it go

5:42 PM Friday, July 29, 2005

Ang ganda, just when I was gearing to finish my report, what happens is that some blogger bug (could be the only reason for I didn't do anything with my template and my blog was ok this morning when I checked) hit my template... now I can't receover anything and I didn't save that template, so the links and all... gone.

And now, even if am using relatively the same template, I can't activate haloscan properly, and all old comments are gone... and am just friggin' really bad trip.

So, unless anyone can send me a new template at (simple ones, with 2 or 3 columns but i like the area for the blog entries real wide, and i don't like scroll bars, and i'd appreciate it if you can activate the post title thingie so that when i type in the entry title for each post, it will just appear... what else? i can modify the colors... i'd supply the images... i don't care for background music) and i can have free time to really deal with this... or blogger will be kind enough to repair the damage for me... this would just have to be it.

Yuck... so common.

Bad trip.


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