a medical rant

3:53 PM Friday, September 15, 2006

My boss' Mom had a stroke and our division saw it fit to visit them at the hospital. I was admittedly appalled when I saw that they were occupying a charity ward at UST Medical (thinking that surely, she as a Division Manager will want better care for her Mom and pay for a room). Imagine how horrified I got to know that they were there because there are just no more rooms available, even ICU rooms, in 7 of the biggest hospitals here in Manila (including PGH and Madocs).


Because of the dengue outbreak.

Heck... another boss' Mom is at the ER in Medical City, waiting for a room too.

So it really pisses me off that the news last night still didn't sound ALARMING enough for people to be more vigilant against dengue.

There was a segment on how 3 schools in QC had ordered that their students wear pants and/or knee socks and that's actually nice. But how come DECS (or MalacaƱang) or DOH hasn't ordered it for the rest of the other schools? The news says that dengue is common during rainy season, but why does it feel they've stopped there? I'm not saying that they should drive people to panic... but I have yet to feel that the government is taking the dengue problem seriously.

Come on, enough to fill hospital rooms?

Or should I just rant about how medical facilities are sorely lacking in this country, nay, in this city?

All i'm saying is, if we don't have enough money for the facilities just yet... is it really too much to ask for other campaigns to be carried out against this outbreak?

My sis probably got dengue when she was travelling to and fro Novaliches before. It was just a stroke of luck that when high fever hit her, she was at a hospital.

Of course, i'm just sooo thankful that Pyro has been able to get a room when he had to be re-admitted in PCMC for E. Coli. But I now fret all the more because PCMC is also harboring so many dengue victims right now. It's a pediatric hospital and yet they had to admit high school and college students stricken by the disease too. Only one contaminated bite is all it takes...

Argh. I could go on and on.

Well, I guess it's either I get upset (angry) or sad...


Hubby had reassuring words for me again, knowing how such things get to me... how traumatized i've been by the medical services in the city.

I'm just praying dengue season will be over soon. My sister was lucky to have parents who could afford the lab tests and hospitalization... but it's the urban poor who are really at risk and dying...

And that's only dengue... I don't even want to think of kids who were born poor who are sick.


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