I know I have friends...

12:40 PM Friday, May 11, 2007

... I mean, I have dozens of numbers in my cellphone, numbers of people who I text with a lot.

... and dozens of people I forward funny e-mails to.

I also attend a lot of weddings and christenings and birthdays. I even visit them in hospitals. I attend bridal and baby showers. I send Christmas cards during the Holidays. I ask for prayers from them in times of need. I also say prauers for them in times of their need.

I am the person they call when they have questions on sex, or their wedding plans... even their lactating and gestating issues. I am the person they call when they have issues with our other friends, or if they're in the middle of illicit affairs.

A lot of them even attended my wedding.

But I really felt sad that when Pyro died, only two of them came to mourn with me. Colleagues came but my husband had more colleagues who visited the wake, and they even brought along their best friends and girl friends. But of my friends, only two came.

And then last week, I had to be admitted in the hospital for 'threatened abortion'. In the four days that I was there, only my siblings and mother-in-law came to visit. Sure, the closest ones who knew I was hospitalized texted to say they're offering prayers... and that was that.


I will never downplay the importance of kind words sent through text messages and letters and e-mails because they do provide me with comfort. It's just that, it would be nice to actually have a friend present at your side, to cry to, to hold your hand, to give you a pat on the back. Heck, even scold you and make you feel like a naughty little child.

I've always thought it my duty to my loved ones to be PRESENT physically... that the best gift there could be is the gift of my TIME. And I hope I have managed my priorities well that i've been that kind of friend to my friends.

And yes, I wish my friends would give me the same gift sometimes... especially when I really need it.


Fortunately for me, my best friends took great care of me during my time of need: my husband and my sister.


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