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9:17 PM Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm around 5.5 months along now... and though I haven't gained weight yet, I'm also already sporting the unmistakable bump of a pregnant woman (meaning, I don't just look like I binged on lunch).

So now, am loving my body in a new way... I especially love it when I look at myself when am freshly showered, all glistening and bump-y :) I find it weird to feel turned on by this new curve... bwahahaha. I can't say it makes me feel more of a woman, but I will say that it's absolutely fantastic and amazing to have this entirely new shape and feel absolutely, absolutely glorified.

Lolz. I doubt am making sense. But really, my current shape evokes a sensuality I never felt before. I find myself stupidly smiling and always proudly showing the bump to my wonderfully appreciative spouse. I'm feeling like one of those women Renoir painted. Wehehe. Utterly beautiful!

Maybe when I get more cheerful and feeling 'normal-like' again, i'd finally get around to taking nudie pics (I want to hire a professional sana but my confinements took a lot from our budget so i'd have to utilize my cam's timer again), this time highlighting my glorious bump. For the meantime, let me just share this pic taken by my hubs' at the hospital (my bump is still pretty small here):

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Tagged by Kathy (and because I can't think of people to tag, am not tagging anyone else):

~ I season mongo viands with calamansi :)

~ I eat raisins but not when it's mixed with something else, or cooked. I eat carrots or tomatoes when raw but not when they're cooked.

~ I have a not-so-silent wish to be a witch... or to have psychic abilities (not sure if I can handle it, but I still wish it)

~ I have a morbid fascination over break-ups, separation, losses and death. I think it's why I was interested in counselling/psychotherapy in the first place.

~ I love taking pictures of my nude self.

~ It's when am hurt and angry the most that I don't cry.


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