Moriones Festival

7:06 PM Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Moriones Festival is one of the more famous festivals in the country. I have known my husband for around nine years now and we've been married for three, but it was only this year that I got to experience it with his family. See, they have a beach home in Gasan, Marinduque.

Here are some fave shots:

my favorite Moriones puppet, which could be
made to bat his eyelashes, open-close his jaws
and brandish his sword (Gasan town)

Moriones roaming the streets and expos
"looking for Longinus"
(even kids and girls/women partake)

female penitents who join the procession
barefoot and clad in all black with
pupua wreaths on their head, which they
offer and leave at the Church after

one of many flagellants
(it's hard taking pics of them since
they're obviously drunk, and they wear caps
or keep texting)

as I was saying :)

I found the Independencia Church statues
more beautiful

my favorite part of the street dancing

Hopefully, this is the start of me really being able to witness other big festivals in the country before they become defunct or too commercialized.


  1. so lucky for you to have been in marinduque last holy week. we wanted to go but it was hubby's oat taking wedensday and it would be very difficult travelling on thursday. so you guys stayed in gasan. we hail from boac. :-)


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