I have not seen any of them. I was (am) curious but I am also ashamed to go downloading a copy since every curious cat like me who end up watching the vids take away more of the victims' dignity.

Can you imagine what those girls feel?

I mean, those who know better will also know that the offense really is having those videos taken without their permission, sharing those videos to others, and letting the videos be distributed. Which is why I really hope nobody buys what Hayden Kho is saying ("no malicious intentions my a$$) and that he be stripped of his license for the simple reason that he compromised others.

Other men (or boys) should be equally punished.

Because the truth of the matter is... nobody really watches these videos for the guys. These videos become consumer goods because the women in the videos sell. And the guys don't really suffer the same stigma as the girls in the videos do. If ever their partners leave them, it would be because they were unfaithful. But the women, they are left, ostracized, judged and marked for life... not for infidelity (if that was the case) but for being sexual beings. They are judged because they got naked in the first place. They are condemned for reaching an orgasm. They are ridiculed for performing things that about 1/3 of the female population between ages 16-45 actually perform themselves (or are made to do).

So really, I am all for laws being passed that would make distribution of sex videos without both (or all) parties concerned a crime. And I am all for heavier sanctions laid for situations where minors are going to be affected. Because this reminds me again of that Mabini scandal of three high school boys gangbanging a girl and exposing her online.

I have a son. I don't want him to grow up thinking that there are women you can use and abuse and that it doesn't take away from his own integrity or from his other relationships.


  1. I am so proud of you for resisting the urge to go hunting for a copy and watching those videos. We can condemn Hayden Kho all we want, but if we saw it too, then we're not a lot better than him when it comes to degrading the dignity of the women he victimized. Of course I'm curious to see it too, but I'd rather not see it. It's one thing to watch porn (not that I do), it's another to watch a woman whose person is being violated.

    Hay. Kawawa si Hayden dahil sa kalokohan nya, pero dapat talaga sya magdusa. Sana lang natuto na sya.


  2. Goes to show that the only thing that matters to Hayden is his ego. Releasing such videos to the public reveals a man with simply wants to advertise to the world his sexual conquests at the expense of the women involved. Such a shame.


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